Daniel "Mad Dog" Morgan's grave and history (9 photos)

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17 June 2024

This character managed to spoil a lot of blood for respectable Australians during his life. But despite this, his grave turned into one of the local landmarks after the repulsed bushranger finally got his due.

Daniel "Mad Dog" Morgan (born John Fuller) is one of Australia's most notorious bandits, once described as the bloodiest outlaw to ever roam the Australian bush.

Daniel "Mad Dog" Morgan

Born in 1830 to Mary Owen and George Fuller, the future outlaw began stealing horses and cattle as a teenager. Over time, he became a notorious virtuoso horse thief. The time spent in prison for his pranks hardened Morgan. And in the end, he chose the career of an inveterate robber.

Engraving depicting Morgan shooting people from a horse

In 1854, Morgan was captured in New South Wales, served a second prison sentence and was sentenced to hard labor. He served six years, the first two years in shackles.

Morgan gets away from the chase

Upon his release, Morgan soon returned to his usual criminal activities, attacking travelers around Wagga and terrorizing the Riverina region in New South Wales. He shot everyone who opposed him, be it police officers or unarmed citizens.

In the neighboring state of Victoria, police announced that if Morgan crossed the Murray River, he would be captured within 48 hours. The challenge was too tempting for Morgan to resist. He crossed the river in April 1865 and within two days robbed three houses, burned haystacks and outbuildings, and held up wagons on the road.

Morgan after death

On April 8, Morgan seized the last property in his criminal career - the Pichelba boat station. He demanded the McPherson family prepare food and provide him with entertainment and stayed in the house overnight. But the nanny managed to escape and raise the alarm.

Jon Wendlan poses with the body of "Mad Dog"

When Morgan left his house the next morning, he was met by about 40 armed police and volunteers. He was shot in the back by bounty hunter John Wendlan and died that same day.

Morgan's grave

After his death, Morgan's head was separated from his body and sent to the University of Melbourne for study. It arrived in such poor condition that the shape of the skull could not be analyzed by the phrenologists who were anticipating an interesting object. It was rumored that satisfied locals managed to play football with it before sending it off. The remainder of his body was buried in Wangaratta Cemetery, where his burial site is marked by a large boulder.

Dennis Hopper as Morgan

Several books have been written about Morgan. But the character became famous thanks to the 1976 film “Mad Dog Morgan,” in which Dennis Hopper played the main role.

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