Hyundai has published the first photos of its cheapest electric car (7 photos)

13 June 2024

Hyundai has announced a new electric car that will be positioned as the Korean brand's cheapest battery solution. The new product will take the form of a small crossover; for Europe it will be called Inster. In the home market, the electric machine will be called Casper Electric, as it is based on the platform of a gasoline compact already sold here.

As far as one can judge from the photo, Inster will be similar to Casper not only technically, but also externally. For example, the front part with round lighting and a relief hood will be designed in a similar way. At the same time, it is already clear that the diode lights will be redesigned - they will be made in the same pixel style as the electric cars of the Ioniq line. For Inster there are original wheels.

No technical details have yet been made public: neither the power of the power plant nor the power reserve of the SUV have been specified. It is known that in Europe Hyundai expects to sell the Inster at a price of less than 20 thousand euros.

Considering that similar developments are now being carried out by a number of manufacturers from different countries, this segment of the European market may soon become very saturated. In mid-May, even the Chinese Leapmotor announced plans to gain a foothold in the EU. With the help of the Stellantis concern, this company wants to launch sales of the 3.6-meter T03 electric car; it is also promised a starting price of less than 20 thousand euros.

Hyundai Casper

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