Finnish startup presented a camper trailer with a secret room (15 photos + 2 videos)

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10 June 2024

Startup Karoo introduced the Adventure camper trailer. It has a secret entrance to the bathroom, and the beds can be removed to make room for sports equipment. Deliveries are expected to begin in two years.

Karoo Adventure already looks different from the usual campers. Its aerodynamically designed silhouette is designed to reduce the fuel consumption of the towing vehicle. The trailer weighs less than 750 kilograms. This also reduces the load on the machine, and in addition, does not require brakes. There is a 6-kilowatt solar panel on the roof.

The length of the camper is 5 meters, width 2.2 meters. The living space is designed for two adults and two children. The beds are arranged in two tiers. They can be converted into seating or removed entirely. In the latter case, as planned by the creators, the space will be used for transporting bicycles or other equipment for outdoor activities.

The kitchen unit with sink and hob can be used both indoors and outdoors. For this purpose it is equipped with a slide. The entrance to the bathroom with toilet is elegantly disguised behind the refrigerator. Outdoors, the Karoo Adventure allows you to raise an entire side or rear wall, or attach a tent or canopy to your trailer, increasing your living space.

The startup Karoo expects to begin pilot production in 2025, and deliveries a year later. The camper was valued at 29.9 thousand euros. Those who want to get it in the first rows can make a deposit of 100 euros. Customers will receive the first 500 trailers with an expanded configuration and a warranty increased from two to three years.


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