16 stolen vintage cars found in an abandoned garage in Canada (2 photos)

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10 June 2024

Police in the Canadian province of Ontario reported the successful completion of a months-long investigation into car thefts. The result of the investigation was a search in one of the barns, in which 16 previously stolen cars were found. The find is estimated at $3 million.

Canadian police received the first report of a theft in this case at the end of last year. It is not specified whether all the stolen cars belong to the same owner or whether the thieves have collected some kind of collection.

Police also do not provide a detailed list of cars, but in the photographs you can see, for example, vintage Chevrolet Corvettes and early Ford models - both in original condition and converted. The cars appear dusty but are otherwise in good condition.

It is known that two suspects have already been arrested in this case and are facing several charges, from theft of vehicles to the use of forged documents. It is also reported that in 2003 they were already brought to justice, but then got off with fines. The police promise to continue the investigation.

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