Chinese cat sets a world record for speed on a skateboard (3 photos + 1 video)

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27 May 2024

It took his owner a year to teach the cat to ride a skateboard. Li Jiantao says that this was the longest period of his practice.

The regiment of Guinness World Records record cats has arrived. Cheeky and adorable American Shorthair cat Bao Zi, just 20 months old, made history by showing off his skateboarding skills. In 12.85 seconds he rode 10 meters on the board.

The owner of Bao Zi is Li Jiantao from China, a professional pet trainer. Initially he worked only with dogs, but later expanded his activities to cats.

Despite many years of experience, Lee did not immediately recognize the talent of his pet.

“I have been training dogs for over ten years and started skateboarding with my dog for fun. But Bao Zi showed great interest in skateboards, so I decided to train this behavior,” the man said.

According to him, the first task he gave the cat, even before learning to ride a skateboard, was to hunt mice.

“There were mice running around the ceiling at night, so I asked Bao Zi to scare them away,” Li explains.

The man says that at first Bao Zi was just like hundreds of thousands of other kittens. Most of all he loved to eat, sleep and cuddle with a person. When he was six months old, the animal ran away from home. When Jiangtao lost all hope of seeing him again after searching, the reveler returned a week later.

Now a strong connection has been established between the cat and the person.

"Bao Zi loves it when I take him on adventures. At home he's a lazy little ball of fur, but at the skate park he's a different cat - confident and brave, weaving his way through the crowd with ease," says Lee.

The animal can also perform a number of tricks, from sitting and shaking its paws to playing dead, rolling over, jumping, climbing, going through hoops, pressing doorbells, pushing rolling barrels and even dribbling a basketball.

However, it was teaching a cat to skateboard that Lee, who taught 13 cats to use a flush toilet, spent the most time on. It took him a year.

"My friends and fans of Bao Zi have given me incredible support throughout this entire ordeal. Bao Zi's presence is special to me. He is like a ray of light in the darkness. Every day we receive messages of love and blessings from fans all over the world. I want to thank everyone, who supports and loves Bao Zi. Bringing joy to so many people makes this journey truly meaningful,” said Li, who received a record holder certificate for his pet.

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