Over almost 2 million kilometers, 14 motors and 4 sets of batteries were replaced (8 photos + 1 video)

7 December 2023

German resident Hansjörg Gemmingen is preparing to become a world celebrity: very soon the total mileage of his Tesla Model S will exceed 2 million kilometers. On November 26, the odometer showed 1,906,865 kilometers, and in anticipation of the record, Hansjörg told what it cost him. The story of his Tesla Model S P85 began in 2014, when Hansjörg bought a one-year-old electric car with a range of 30,000 kilometers. He reached seven-digit mileage by the end of 2019 and, most likely, will make 2 million in 2023.

At the same time, Gemmingen uses the Model S in relatively normal mode as a car for every day, although he drives a lot around Europe and even travels. For example, he visited Africa and China with his Tesla, despite the fact that the car was delivered to China by sea. He says he rarely drives faster than 100 km/h and doesn't let the battery drain completely.

Currently, the Model S is equipped with its 14th electric motor. The first 13, as it turned out relatively recently, failed due to deficiencies in the design of the cooling system - it has now been improved. In addition, the electric car is already equipped with a fourth set of batteries. The previous battery degraded during operation to the point that it provided only a 260-kilometer range at the time of replacement. The current battery has lost only 8% of its energy reserve over 150 thousand kilometers and is still capable of providing a range of 400 kilometers on a single charge.

Hansjörg Gemmingen also said that some time ago he wanted to replace his Model S with something more modern, for example a Lucid Air. However, due to certain life troubles, he was unable to part with the electric car. There are several known cases where manufacturers exchanged cars with record mileage for new ones for free, but Tesla has not yet shown any special attention to this Model S.

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