A gamer set a world record by playing a famous online game for several days (3 photos)

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8 February 2024

A Hungarian man has set a world record for the longest time playing World of Warcraft. To set the record, the guy had to stay at the computer for more than two days.

A resident of Hungary got into the Guinness Book of Records for the longest game in World of Warcraft. The man played the game for more than two days.

The player's name is Barnabas Vuzity-Zsolnay, he works as a chef in Budapest. His record-breaking World of Warcraft stream lasted 59 hours and 20 minutes, which is two and a half times longer than the previous world record of 23 hours and 31 minutes.

However, Barnabas himself admitted that after 30 hours of playing he became bored. Moreover, after 45 hours he noticed hallucinations. All this time, he cleared dungeons with his friends and fought with other players in the arenas. After every hour of play, he was given five minutes of rest, which he could use for physiological needs.

“I love this game and I will repeat the record if it is broken. This is mine for life - I want everyone to know it,” shared the Hungarian record holder

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