68-year-old bodybuilder: “My body is better than most women half my age” (6 photos)

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24 May 2024

Linda Young will soon be 70 years old, but she is in such shape that she looks younger. After hip replacement, the woman returned to sports. Then a personal trainer suggested that 65-year-old Young try herself in bodybuilding.

Linda "fell on the floor laughing" when she heard the coach's proposal. But, after consulting with family and friends, she still agreed. The woman reduced the amount of food she consumed, did strength training and even took posing classes to prepare for her performance on stage. She ate salads, took protein, drank plenty of water, and avoided sugar and processed foods for seven weeks.

She also had to buy a rhinestone bikini and stiletto sandals, as well as apply three layers of self-tanner in order to go on stage. Linda competed in the Women's Bikini 50+ category at the UKUP Scottish Regional Competition in Glasgow on 28 April.

Young, a Pilates teacher from Glasgow, said: "I took the coach's suggestion as a joke. I spoke to my husband Peter, 68, and children Jamie, 28, and Kirsty, 35, and they said I should try it."

"The posing coach said I needed to bring high heels and a bikini. So I had to wear a rhinestone bikini and these stripper heels. It's just crazy. But I thought if I don't do it now, then I will never do it."

"My diet was greatly reduced, so that was not easy either. I drank protein, vitamins, ate salads, lean meats. Drinks only water, black coffee and no alcohol."

"I had to work more on my hamstrings and glutes, and then train my back more intensely to show off those muscles as well," the bodybuilder shared.

She confidently walked across the stage, posing and showing off her muscles, and even received a silver medal.

"It was amazing. People I'd never met before came up and said I was an inspiration to them. A lot of people said they now want to try bodybuilding, which is really cool. If you have the opportunity, do it. Don't let age will stop you."

"My son, who lives and works in London, flew in secretly and said: 'You didn't think I'd miss this. You look great."

Young became the oldest participant in the competition. She lost the championship to her 58-year-old rival, who has been competing for many years.

Despite the success, the woman does not want to compete anymore: “If I were five years younger, I would try again. I play sports for myself and my health, and bodybuilding has become a passing hobby. But I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about your body."

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29 May 2024
у двічі молодші це 34 річні
до них бабці нереально далеко
а якщо врахувати, що деякі 34 річні виглядають на 18 років
то взагалі
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