A tiger from the zoo pressed against the belly of a pregnant woman (5 photos + 1 video)

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6 February 2018

Animals cannot speak, but they understand a lot and feel things that are often beyond the control of humans.

This touching photo story is proof of that.

Natalia Ruki and her brother Brittany visited the zoo.

A pregnant woman sat down to rest in a zoo next to a tiger cage. And almost immediately I noticed the animal’s close attention to me. Smelled prey? ???? We think not.

The tiger's reaction was very warm, the tiger showed good nature with all his appearance and through the glass tried to cuddle up to the girl.

The brother accompanying the girl asked her to turn her stomach to the glass. And then something amazing happened!

With a sweet muzzle, the tiger pressed against his stomach. He felt the child, without any doubt!

The guys were amazed, and Brittany posted the video on social media.

“We went to an event at the zoo, and look - this beautiful tiger knew that my cousin Natasha Ruki was pregnant! The tiger was clinging to the child! It was such an amazing moment!”

Yet how little we really know about animals!


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