The monk tried miraculous amulets on children, but they did not work, and the children received burns (2 photos)

10 May 2024

Residents of Sukhothai province (Thailand) filed a lawsuit against a monk from the Khao Re Temple, and it began when the couple noticed a burn on the back of their 13-year-old son’s hand.

The boy said he and his friends were playing in the temple when a 70-year-old monk named Boonsong approached them and offered them 200 baht ($5.44) for help testing the amulets. The children decided that there is no such thing as too much money, and agreed. It turns out that the monk made some miraculous amulets that supposedly had healing and protective powers. First, he asked the boys to hold the magical objects in their hands, and then he poured some acid on the back of their hands. But the miracle did not happen, as confirmed by the burns on the children’s hands.

The parents of one of the injured boys said that representatives of the temple contacted them and offered to reimburse them for treatment and damages, but this was not enough for them. They want Boonsong to publicly confess - although the monk refuses to communicate with anyone other than the police. Surprisingly, quite a few local residents condemn the people who filed a complaint against the priest. The fuss they have created is damaging the reputation of the temple. And one man named Chai insists that Boonsong's amulets work. He himself was tested with acid, but did not receive any burns.

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