The girl with the longest legs - about dating and shopping (1 photo + 3 videos)

11 April 2024

American Macy Currin is 2.08 meters tall. And the length of her legs is more than 132 cm.

With these parameters, the girl claims a world record, says the New York Post. Macy is now 21 years old and is having a lot of trouble finding suitable clothes. She shares the features of her life on TikTok.

So, Macy said that she only has two pairs of trousers. Even brands designed for tall people have nothing suitable for her. The only alternative is made-to-measure jeans for $250, but the girl is not willing to spend that kind of money on a regular basis.

At the same time, shopping is the least of the problems. The girl often talks about the caustic comments she receives on the Internet. So they compare her to horror movie characters and say that it would be scary to meet her in a dark corridor.

Communication with men also has its own peculiarities. So, the girl does not feel too comfortable communicating with guys shorter than herself. And the young people themselves refuse to kiss her in public due to the large difference in height.

— I hated my height as a child, because it was the only topic that children could bother me with. But now I feel unique. And I can say that I love my height,” says Macy.

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