Roswell Stone: a magnetic anomaly that has a connection with crop circles (6 photos)

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6 April 2024

Other worlds sometimes give people food for thought. Yes, such that you have to puzzle over it long and hard. Although, perhaps, it is not brothers in mind who are having fun, but echoes of past - ancient and wise civilizations making themselves felt.

Businessman Robert Ridge discovered the artifact, which was given the name Roswell Stone, while hunting on September 4, 2004. He had no idea that he had made a discovery that still attracts close attention and fierce debate. A small brown stone lay lonely in the sand, partially covered with mud. Only after the man decided to pick it up did he notice an interesting relief pattern on one of the sides.

Strange magnetic properties

Robert Ridge

Ridge discovered that the stone had a strong magnetic field. When in contact with a magnet, the stone slowly rotated clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on which pole was manipulated.

Similar drawing

The most interesting feature of the stone is its design: it is similar to a circle discovered in Swindon, England, about 10 years before the discovery of the stone. The pilot and his passenger saw a circle in a field while flying over it twice within half an hour. The first time they flew past, only an ordinary corn field was green below. When they returned, a circle appeared. Crop circle researchers studied the object and eventually came to the conclusion that it is not only real, but also ideal from a geometric point of view.

A comparison of a stone and a circle shows that they both have the same design, just on different scales. One fits perfectly onto the other.

Is this a sophisticated hoax?

Skeptics claim that this is either an elaborate hoax or some kind of anomaly that somehow managed to acquire magnetic properties.

According to the most common version, the most likely method of producing the stone would be sandblasting using a stencil. Of course, such a method would make it possible to create a drawing. But when we tried to make, so to speak, a prototype, it turned out to be of much less quality. This was visible to the naked eye.

With enough time and persistence, it is certainly possible to create the perfect specimen. But why then leave him in the wilderness and hope that he will be found? Or, more likely, they won't find it.

Roswell Stone Analysis

The thickness of the stone is 3.8 centimeters and the width is 5.10 centimeters. The stone has a triangular shape, and a three-dimensional pattern protrudes above its surface. Research has shown that it is not native to the Texas city of Cedar Hill where it was found. Limestone predominates in this region.

Further research also showed that the stone is quite old, it is absolutely solid and has no internal cavities where a small magnet could be inserted. The chamfers in the picture are perfectly clear, which suggests that it was cut out by some very serious tool, probably a laser. Sandblasting alone would not provide the same results.

If this stone is as old as it is believed, how long has it been here? Where did it come from and is it related to the supposed Roswell UFO crash right after the war? Could extraterrestrial visitors have placed it here centuries ago? If so, was the circle in England another attempt to discover the stone? Will they try again? Is the stone a kind of key?

The discovery has raised a lot of questions that still remain unanswered.

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