She-Hulk from the Netherlands is gaining popularity on social networks (11 photos + 1 video)

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28 March 2024

Jackie Coorn, aka She-Hulk, is a 34-year-old athlete from the Netherlands with biceps larger than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. At some point in her life, Jackie decided to gain muscle mass and accept that she was overweight.

34-year-old Jackie Coorn from the Netherlands is called the “She-Hulk” - all because of the girl’s huge biceps and strong muscles. She always loved to play sports. She had to give up kickboxing in 2020 due to COVID-19, but that's when she realized she was more comfortable at the big weight. Jackie began to gain muscle mass and loved the results. Since then, she has more than doubled in weight, accepting her body.

Jackie says she feels "stronger than ever" despite being called "fat" and "too masculine" online. The girl concentrates only on the positive, and encourages other people to think the same way.

“I don’t pay attention to negative comments. There will always be people who think they know better or can do something better than me. But this is just my way, and I will do everything my way, not paying attention to the negativity,” - the girl said in an interview.

Jackie is now focused on gaining weight and eating healthy: she tries to consume as many calories as possible while bulking up, and lifts heavy weights to build muscle. She usually starts her workouts with 100 push-ups and 250 squats. Then comes a two-hour strength workout: deadlifts up to 150 kg, bench press up to 200 kg, squats with an additional weight of 100 kg and leg press up to 450 kg.

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28 March 2024
Ага, конечно, бодибилдерша-синтоловая
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