Cats who were able to experience Zen (25 photos)

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19 March 2024

They were able to experience Zen, the importance of which for the purpose of awareness of being and achieving enlightenment and harmony, representatives of various fields of knowledge tell us.

But furry ones don’t listen to all sorts of psychologists, motivators and other coaches. They already know everything. And they just do it. And, in general, it’s better to use fluffy pugs as motivation. They certainly know all the secrets of achieving harmony.

1. Seek and ye shall find

2. Harmony with nature

3. Enjoying enlightenment

4. You just have to wait for the fish

5. Try it

6. When I have achieved everything and even more

7. Balance as it is

8. Everything will work out

9. An action you can watch forever

10. No words, just purring

11. Think positive

12. My place in the world

13. Keep your balance

14. Me and the tulpa

15. Harmonizing thoughts

16. Achieved enlightenment

17. Great teacher

18. Motivation to achieve goals

19. Self-knowledge through fear

20. Green corner for relaxation

21. Kitchen Zen

22. Finding myself

23. Zen is so zen

24. Master of Enlightenment

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