After 80 years of slave labor, a female elephant named Grandma Somboon has finally found peace in a shelter (5 photos + 1 video)

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19 March 2024

Animals have a very hard life, but they don't even have the opportunity to complain. A poor thing named Grandmother Sombun was caught in the jungle when she was very young, and for 80 years she did not know rest. The poor animal was forced to carry logs and give rides to tourists all day long.

The Save Elephant Foundation learned about Sombun's fate, and soon volunteers went to her aid. In January, she was transported to an elephant shelter, where for the first time she was able to simply lie down on a pile of sand and relax, writes Lenta Dobra.

At the end of January, Somboon was finally released and transported to the Elephant Nature Park. After examination, veterinarians stated that her health was not in the best condition - the elephant was emaciated, toothless, with skin chapped by years of deprivation.

Elephants spend most of their lives on their feet, but it is vital for them to simply lie down on the ground every few days so that their overworked legs can relax. So Grandma Sombun, having arrived at the shelter, found herself a large pile of soft sand, lay down and finally slept.

Now the elephant is monitored by veterinarians, she receives a balanced diet, takes mud baths, enjoys leisurely walks and lives the life that nature intended for her.

As befits a well-deserved pensioner.

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