They remained behind the scenes, but were no less famous than the other heroes (8 photos + 1 video)

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29 February 2024

With the advent of film (and television), character visualization has become very important. The image, demeanor, and appearance determined how the viewer would perceive the hero. However, over time, creators learned to create characters that are invisible to the public, but have a great influence on the plot.

Some of them not only become part of the acting group, but play leading roles. Some of them are just the imagination of a movie hero, while others are simply on the other side of the phone or screen. Here are a few films and TV series with such movie characters that viewers will remember forever.

"She" Samantha

The drama about the relationship between a man and his operating system has become something of a lite Black Mirror. A world where relationships are formed not with real people, but with software, and letters to loved ones are written not independently, but with the help of a special assistant, telling him your whole life.

The hero, played by Joaquin Phoenix, falls in love with Samantha in the same way one might fall in love with a real woman. They even have intimate relationships. Director Spike Jonze very accurately saw the fairly immediate future of humanity in a world where digital technologies have become full-fledged members of the family.

"Rosemary's Baby" Child

The character around whom the entire plot moves did not appear in the frame for most of the film simply because he was in his mother’s belly. But when he is finally born, Polanski does not allow the viewer to see the baby in Rosemary's stroller. However, it is precisely by her reaction that it becomes clear that the nightmare she feared during pregnancy happened. And this gives the viewer goosebumps because the director has given him the opportunity to visualize the horror in his own head.

"The Blair Witch Project: Coursework from the Other World" Witch

It is quite difficult to visualize all evil spirits. It’s easier to show that it’s there: open all the closet doors, close the curtains or slam the door. But still, sometimes you can show some kind of creepy psychopath or a hunched, nasty old woman. The creators of “The Blair Witch Project” did not show their main character and this makes it much worse. The night forest rustles, figures made of branches in unexpected places, mysterious pebbles folded in a special way... This will scare you more than any screamer.

"Charlie's Angels" Charlie

For hired killers, the orderer of the victims usually remains in the shadows: they receive orders over the phone or in envelopes left in specified places. But this can happen not only in the world of crime.

Three girls, acting on the side of law and order, hear the mysterious millionaire Charlie Townsend exclusively through a transmitter. The fact that he is invisible does not prevent him from becoming an active participant in what is happening and an authoritative leader.

"Friends" Nasty naked guy

Monica and Rachel had a neighbor who was known only as "the nasty naked guy." He lived across the street and during the entire series he was shown only three times and only briefly. And there was talk about him! From snippets of conversations, it's clear that the nasty naked guy wasn't always as fat as Ross saw him. Despite everything, he also had some romantic connections. Well, maybe he wasn’t so downright disgusting, otherwise why stare at him so much?

"Twin Peaks" Diana

One of the most famous and most mysterious creations of David Lynch. And the Diana to whom Agent Cooper whispers his audio notes fits perfectly into this mysterious series.

Fans of the series have created a kind of cult around Diana: some believe that she is Kyle MacLachlan’s real partner, others are sure that this is some kind of alter ego of the main character, but there are those who believe that Diana simply repressed the memory in Cooper’s head about the deceased beloved Caroline.

Well. None of these theories have been refuted or confirmed.

"The Office" The Scranton Strangler

In a comedy series, all the characters end up under arrestobvious surveillance of cameras and maintain at least some privacy. But even here there was a place for a certain mysterious “Scranton Strangler”, about whom everyone talks, but does not appear on the screen.

This is a serial killer who has terrorized the entire town where the office is located. All employees carefully monitor mentions of the “strangler” in the press, dress up in his costume for Halloween or reenact his crimes at planning meetings.

"The Big Bang Theory" Howard Wolowitz's Mom

Howard's relationship with his mom lasts several seasons and is quite painful. The powerful and manipulative Mrs. Wolowitz, for whom he experiences unhealthy affection and hatred at the same time, has become a full-fledged character in the series. Actress Carol Susie, who became the voice of Mrs. Wolowitz, fell in love not only with the audience, but also with the actors themselves. The news of her death shocked the actors and creators of Theory. The scene where they say goodbye to "Howard's mom" by reminiscing about her becomes very poignant if you know that what they are saying is about a real person. By the way, since then, on the refrigerator in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, there has always been a small photograph of Carol Susie.

And we will forever remember her famous “GOOOOWARD!”

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