30 grandparents with an excellent sense of humor (31 photos)

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29 February 2024

When people reach a certain age, they stop caring what others think of them. Therefore, witty and daring old men and women are far from uncommon. They love to joke and laugh, especially with their family. In general, they are also comedians.

1. “My friend’s grandmother prepared Ouija boards, which were distributed to all relatives at her funeral. You can’t deny her sense of humor!”

2. “My grandma found a creative way to incorporate her walker into her Halloween costume.”

3. “In 2019, my 97-year-old grandmother gave us a calendar with funny photoshopped pictures of her for each month.”

4. "Grandpa's first attempt at cosplay, Princess Leia and R2-D2"

5. “Gift from Grandma and Grandpa: “Merry Christmas from the Jackson 5.” The 20 dollar bill features Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States."

6. “My grandfather used to carry this photo in his wallet and ask people if they wanted to see his 'pride and joy'.”

“He passed away 20 years ago. Since then, the picture has been kept in my wallet in memory of him.”

7. “My grandparents were my example of a loving and happy family.”

8. “Grandpa discovered that he could do his hair with a vacuum cleaner.”

9. “My grandmother is 105 years old. "I'm going to live forever. So far so good."

10. “I received a “money pizza” as a gift from my grandfather.”

11. “My grandmother bought a second bed especially for her cat.”

12. “I asked for a car full of money as a birthday present, and my grandmother gave it to me.”

13. "My grandparents in the 1970s and in 2014"

14. “My grandfather during quarantine in 2020: “Message to my family: stay home, I'm fine, having a great time without you!”

15. “I found a video cassette at my grandmother’s, I laugh until I cry. "Harry Potter" recorded over the video of the Pope's funeral. The right choice, grandma."

16. “I recently fell off my bike and broke my collarbone. My grandmother thoughtfully sent me a new bike that “suits me better”.”

17. “My boyfriend’s grandfather learned to use Photoshop and hung this picture in a frame in his home.”

18. “My 96-year-old grandmother recently started watching The Simpsons. These are her drawings"

19. “My grandfather recently bought a new black car and nicknamed it the “Batmobile.” I came to him for dinner, and he came out to me in disguise."

20. “My grandmother has had this in her house for over 30 years. Just noticed she pasted her face on top of Scarlett O'Hara's."

21. “Grandma wrote that she was racing today, then she sent this photo.”

22. “My grandparents came for my birthday. My laptop was on the table. This is what I found on it the next day."

23. “I bought my grandfather a big jar of his favorite chocolates and he sent me this photo to let me know he finished them. This seems to be a hint...”

24. “My Cuban grandmother covered Jesus with a terry towel because it was cold in her apartment. But she left a slit for his nose “so he could breathe.”

25. “My grandparents went for a drink. The inscriptions on the T-shirts: “I am Joan” and “If you are lost, return Joan.”

26. "My grandparents in 1969"

27. "Grandpa never disappoints"

28. “My grandfather... With age he has not lost his keen curiosity”

29. “My grandfather said he installed a ceiling fan. Here's the photo he sent us."

30. “My Grandparents, Then and Now”

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