A dog activated a fire extinguisher in a Scottish pub

21 February 2024

A curious incident occurred in the Scottish city of Oban (Argyll and Bute) on Friday, February 17. One of the pub's visitors' dogs set off a fire extinguisher, filling the entire room with foam. But one persistent gentleman did not leave his post at the bar! He just couldn't leave his pint of bubbly.

Security camera footage shows the dog, tied in a corner (apparently to a fire extinguisher on the wall), wagging its tail in an attempt to attract attention. She tries to jump closer to one of the men, but he pushes her back. As a result, the dog's leash pulls on the fire extinguisher's safety catch, activating it.

This is the inside of a pub where about 10 drinkers gather around the bar and chat.

The sudden explosion of a fire extinguisher takes everyone by surprise. Everything around is covered in foam, people are running around the corners, the dog is in shock.

And only one person, who, apparently, drinks Guinness, remains in his place at the bar.

The footage was posted on Sunday with the caption: “What happens when you tie a dog to a fire extinguisher.”

Since then, the video has received many likes and comments from social media users who are delighted with the incident. Basically, everyone jokes about the imperturbable character behind the counter and worries whether the dog has been under severe stress. Here is one of the brightest comments on this topic:

“Absolute idiots. I hope everything will be okay with the dog and he will find a new owner with a brain bigger than a chicken.”

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