Strange things and their purposes (23 photos)

19 February 2024

There are so many different contraptions in the world to solve all sorts of problems that a new one arises: how do you figure out how they all work? People regularly find strange things, sometimes in old houses, sometimes right on the street, anywhere!

And without additional help there is no way to figure out their purpose. But there are always experts from the Internet who will explain everything. We have put together a selection of similar items for you.

Found in a farmhouse, turn the handle and the drum turns

This is an oil extractor designed to squeeze out the remaining liquid from the oil after churning.

Why do you need such a powerful ultraviolet flashlight in the metro area?

Commentators have suggested that this is necessary to combat drug use, since blue and violet light lamps are sometimes installed in public toilets: the veins under them are not visible. But this version was refuted: people found an article about a large number of street lights that simply turned out to be faulty, and it was this defect that caused such an unusual glow.

What is this plastic thing about 15 cm high with a metal base that falls out of it?

Clarinet stand.

Found this thing on the carpet in the car

This is a valve stem from a tire.

Green rubber thing with three holes

This is a tripod plug for supporting plants.

Small capsule with tear-off tip

Capsule with cosmetic serum.

Tiny white plastic balls that are lying around the garden

This is a filler for toys. It turned out that the dog of the previous owners had torn apart a teddy bear in the garden.

A glass with three glass “tongues” at the bottom. The wire comes out from below. At the bottom there is a perforated copper plate, behind which there appears to be a spiral wire

Vintage glass electric cigar lighter.

13cm long metal flat spoon

Garlic or ginger grater.

What is this ancient device?

This device lifts the corkscrew (the corkscrew itself is missing here). You insert the corkscrew into the cork of the bottle and he pulls it out easily.

Found in an old toolbox

It is designed to punch holes in leather or similar things. For example, in a belt.

What kind of instrument is this?

A device for scraping out the flesh of coconuts.

Small cones with colored powder and metal stamps

This is a set for a bindi (the colored dot that Hindu women draw on their foreheads).

Little plastic things with numbers and letters on them

These are wire markers.

A wooden thing in the form of a torch, the end is in the shape of an onion with regular notches cut into it

This is Molinillo. Traditional Mexican whisk for whipping hot chocolate.

A round object (3 cm) made of cells (like beehives) of a plastic-like material. Found on a beach in Italy

Bioload for wastewater treatment.

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