12 Mysterious Objects That Made People Scratch Their Heads (13 Photos)

13 November 2023

Sometimes we come across mysterious things whose purpose cannot be identified. No matter how much we rack our brains, we can’t figure out on our own what this thing is. But, fortunately, experts from the Internet are always ready to help!

1. My long-term rain jacket has a smooth, flexible, plastic piece sewn into just the top of the right sleeve. What is this?

Radar reflector for avalanche rescue.

2. I bought this dish at a thrift store. What is its real purpose?

This is a toast stand.

3. A curved metal object with a purple stone on one end and a ball on the other

This is an antique cufflink.

4. What is that round frosted glass thing in the corner of the hotel room ceiling?

This is a motion sensor for an old style security system.

5. Round ceramic object with irregularities

Dish for dog food. Used for dogs that eat too quickly.

6. Blue rubber object found in relatives' kitchen

This is a silicone hot plate stand.

7. I found this among my grandmother's things. This is a copper box with no visible inscriptions. There's a spring-loaded button on the front, two foldable stands inside, and a wick with a compartment underneath.

This is an antique medical field sterilizer.

8. An object made of frosted golden glass, about 25 centimeters high. Hollow without holes

This is a decorative item made from blown glass.

9. Metal shards inside the shower head

Solder from copper plumbing fixtures. This is a sign of improper soldering.

10. Pottery found in a thrift store. It has metal hooks inside

This is an artist's cup for brushes.

11. Strange tool. Made from stainless steel

This is used for pruning bonsai trees.

12. Inherited this thing from relatives of Scandinavian origin. Made of glass, spoon-shaped, hollow, about 1 meter high

In the old days it was used to heat portions of food.

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