Weird and funny life hacks that surprisingly work (17 photos)

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28 January 2023

There is a life hack for every occasion in life. And sometimes they are quite strange and sometimes even funny. But whatever one may say, they surprise work! Let's take a look at a new selection of unusual tips for solving various everyday situations.

Use a mask to protect the ax blade

Great way to use old tires

Advice for those who have jewelry that is difficult to put on. Take one end of the decoration and stick it on the tape, and then carefully attach to your hand and fix. Fasten it carefully.

When you need a large amount of fresh pepper. The hack works just fine

original fasteners

If water bottles don't fit in the basket, you can do this

Great life hack for those who have children

How to protect your car from heavy rain or even a flood

Glue the magnets with hot glue. Hang items on them that are easy to lose

To prevent freezing of the wipers on the car

If your pet doesn't like cutting its nails

Life hack for those who want to take everything away at once

Goggles are great for slicing onions.

Using a ladle, you can pour the right amount of paint. So nothing gets dirty or splattered

If you don't have a large enough lid on hand

Need dry socks urgently? Fan is here to help!

If you need to take a good vacation photo

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