American woman found her husband in the trash (3 photos)

19 February 2024

The very first thing that comes to mind is who threw it there? But it's not that simple, friends.

Let's start from the beginning - there is such a strange trend in the hobby called dumpster diving. This is when people deliberately rummage through trash cans, not for the purpose of eating, but in search of items suitable for sale. As they say - for one it is trash, but for another it is treasure.

So the story of this trash love began back in 2009. Dave was a mechanical engineering student at the time, and Erin got a job at a bike shop. During a “visit” to a small landfill, they started talking, and that’s how it all started.

The fact is that Erin could not arrange her personal life for a long time because of her hobby. When the guys found out that she was looking for various things in dumpsters, communication usually came to an end.

By the way, the hobby is quite lucrative; in a year, revenue from found items can exceed $20,000. And the best time to search is Christmas, when people begin to get rid of unnecessary gifts, sometimes in perfect condition.

Erin, 39, married Dave, 35, in 2021 and they will become parents this April. Well, they turned their hobby into a business selling used goods.

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