16 unusual devices that can only be seen in specific places (17 photos)

9 March 2023

Man is naturally inventive, evolution proves it. More 2.8 million years ago, Homo habilis, or skilled man, created the first tool.

Then it was an ordinary stone, processed for hunting, but it was this stone that separated all Homo from other creatures, because one of our ancestors made a tool for themselves consciously. Moreover, the stones found at ancient sites, were often brought from other territories to radius of 15 km. Homo habilis split his find into pieces, achieving so that the stone has an acute angle.

And literally with every millennium of human invention became more and more brilliant. And after millions of years time began to be measured in decades, and now in years. human ingenuity has never gone so far, for even in the most specific and narrow areas have their own tools.

We invite you to look at them and understand that the human mind is simply phenomenal.

A mat designed for surgeons to practice sutures on

Apparatus for drying shoes, which can be found in the Scandinavian countries

Fire service device to take water from any nearby body of water

Whole wood transport machine

A chair that you can sit cross-legged on

< br> A place for cows to scratch their backs

Drill used by astronauts on the ISS in outer space

< br> Cryoprobe for handling very cold items such as liquid helium

Helicopter in-flight refueling device

Chain heat resistant wheels which are used in steel mills

A device with which one person can move a train

Thatched roof tool: they are tapped on the edge to keep it even

Maternity seat belt

Snow removal device for car roof

The largest and smallest wrenches

Device for forming a curb

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