A student from Canada flies to classes by plane to save on rent (2 photos + 1 video)

19 February 2024

High rental prices in Vancouver, Canada forced a local university student living in Calgary to approach the problem creatively. Tim Chen decided to fly to class instead of paying expensive apartment rent. Sobyanin is not on them

Tim Chen is a final year art student at the University of British Columbia. The student rented a house in Vancouver for several years, but before his last year he had to move out of his apartment - he realized that the new housing would not be able to afford him financially, since the minimum rental price in the city had risen to 2.5 thousand dollars, reports the local CTV channel.

I thought, why don't I stay in Calgary and just fly here? It's about an hour's flight,” Chen says. Now the student has classes twice a week, and the flight costs $150 round trip. In total, Chen pays about $1,200 a month for the plane, which is significantly cheaper than the average cost of an apartment in Vancouver.

Due to this circumstance, Chen plans to fly to the university until the end of his studies.

Vancouver is considered the most expensive city in Canada to rent a home. In addition, it is difficult to find a job there, since there are usually very few open positions.

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