Production of an inexpensive electric sports car SC-01 has begun in China (6 photos)

30 January 2024

The first copy of the budget electric supercar SC-01 rolled off the assembly line in China. The car was developed by the startup Small Sports Car (SSC) with significant financial support from Xiaomi. They promise to keep the price as they promised earlier: within 300,000 yuan.

With dimensions of 4105x1830x1160 millimeters, the two-seater car weighs about 1370 kilograms. A low center of gravity should provide the electric vehicle with good handling. The hood tilts forward entirely. Lightweight composite body panels are attached to a spatial steel frame.

The number of electric motors is not yet known, but the output has been announced: 435 hp. and 560 Nm. Judging by the fact that all-wheel drive is declared for the car with the ability to completely disable traction on one of the axles at the driver’s discretion, there are still two engines. The battery installed under the floor within the base provides up to 520 kilometers of range.

There are no images of the interior, although the car was officially presented back in September 2022. All that has appeared since then is an intriguing photo of physical keys lined up in a long row. The developers initially promised an “analog” interior. It looks like they kept their promise, but I would still like to see the entire cockpit.

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