Preparing with them is already half the holiday (25 photos)

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14 December 2023

Anticipation of the main holiday of the year and preparation for it is pleasant and exciting. And even relaxation in itself, if you approach the matter in advance and responsibly - create a menu, buy gifts. And, of course, put up a Christmas tree and decorate the house. However, this can also be entrusted to our smaller brothers.

After all, you can’t deny a delicate taste and sense of style to fluffy ones. And, most importantly, they approach the process with all responsibility and with all their soul.

1. Wait, don’t pick it up, you need to fluff up the needles!

2. Holiday idyll

3. They did it perfectly

4. Non-trivial solution

5. One more ball and you're done.

6. New Year's design by trial and error

7. We’re great, aren’t we?

8. Testing the garland

9. Red should be hung with red, and blue should be hung with blue, understand?

10. Home decoration is me!

11. Here I will hide a gift for the owner

12. This ball brings disharmony to the overall concept

13. The finishing touch

14. When can you open it, huh?

15. Long-eared decorator

16. Among the lights

17. Furry designer

18. Somehow it doesn’t belong here, it needs to be moved, or better yet, pushed

19. We are ready, it's time!

20. I am with a gift, not empty-handed!

21. Magic night

22. Soul of the Christmas tree

23. Your best gift is me!

24. The New Year is just around the corner, we’ll start mischief soon!

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