Thank you, people: 30 touching photos of rescued animals (31 photos)

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29 November 2023

Adopting an animal from a shelter or picking it up on the street is a good deed that will definitely be rewarded. Millions of dogs and cats wander the streets, freezing and picking up scraps, or sad in shelters - but fortunately, there are kind people who give them a second life! Let's take a look at the pets that were rescued from the street or adopted from a shelter.

1. “We decided to adopt this hissing, mischievous and growling madam from the shelter. In less than a day, she turned into an affectionate cat.”

2. “And I rescued three kittens from a construction site”

3. A man saved a dog that was being used as “bait” in a dog fight.

4. “At the shelter, I asked which cat had been there the longest. I took this beauty!”

5. “We recently adopted a shelter kitten. We were afraid that he wouldn’t get along with our dog. He seems to get along.”

6. "They took a mother cat with newborn kittens from the street"

7. "Our new family member is a 15-year-old pit bull."

8. "Took these two black brothers from the shelter"

9. “She was on the shelter’s euthanasia list because no one wanted to take her. We rescued her just in time, and now she’s having coffee with us.”

10. “My neighbors were evicted from their house and they abandoned their cat. I decided to take her in with me.”

11. “Mom adopted a shelter cat for her elderly parents. She was afraid that grandfather would be against it... Here is the cat and grandfather after a while.”

12. “And here is our beauty, which we picked up a week ago.”

13. “We just picked her up, and she’s already super affectionate.”

14. “I can’t believe the previous owners left this miracle at the shelter.”

15. “We were worried whether our cat would accept a new kitten from the shelter..”

16. “I decided to adopt the first dog in my life from a shelter.”

17. What happiness it is when you have a home

18. “And this is our new family member who arrived a week ago.”

19. “This little guy was literally thrown into the street, and we picked him up.”

20. “Our cat was lonely, and we decided to take him a little sister at the shelter. Now they dote on each other.”

21. A beauty rescued from the street

22. “Our new shelter puppy loves to sleep.”

23. “We picked up this weirdo in the parking lot.”

24. "They adopted an elderly 15-year-old from a shelterdog, and we already adore him"

25. “And now these wonderful brother and sister live with us”

26. The dog is simply happy with the new family member who was brought from the shelter

27. “And today we have become the masters of this miracle”

28. “Our dog is delighted with his new brother.”

29. “Here is my new shelter pet.”

30. Thanks for saving me, people!

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