30 touching photos of animals rescued from the streets or shelters (31 photos)

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7 August 2023

Even though there is a lot of evil and pain in the world, there are people who bring goodness and positivity - and the world becomes not so bad. Many animals, for example, end up on the street or are thrown into shelters. Unfortunately, this is a common story. But some of them get loving homes and start a new life full of care and love. Let's take a look at such cases!

1. "I noticed a homeless baby from the balcony. He was chased by local stray cats, and I decided to take him with me"

2. This is Klaus. He has one eye, frostbitten ears, partly no tail, but he is a beautiful cat. His owners agree with this, who gave it new life!

3. This elderly dog, who was not wanted to be taken from a shelter, still found a loving home.

4. "We took him from the shelter just yesterday. He fell asleep between the sofa and the wall, and it seems happy. We already love him immensely"

5. "Recently adopted from a shelter. She is very modest, but charming"

6. A tiny kitten was picked up near the trash can and brought home

7. "Our new kitten. Found in the parking lot next to the mother cat, who, unfortunately, was dead. After a couple of weeks of care, baby looks happy"

8. "I took these brothers in an orphanage, and they stole my heart"

9. "And here is our little ball from the shelter"

10. Shelter baby in a new home

11. "Picked it up yesterday, and already love it!"

12. "And I saved this beauty"

13. "This dog was abandoned by the owners right near my house. Now this charm lives with me. Their great loss!"

14. "Sheltered brother and sister, who were left alone at the bus stop"

15. New family member on the way home from the shelter

16. "This kitten somehow ended up in our garden. Now it's our kitten!"

17. "Frodo is my first kitten I adopted from a shelter"

18. "Our new cat from the shelter gets along well with the chicken."

19. "And here is our new family member - a baby picked up from the street"

20. Sheepdog is taken home from a shelter - to a new life

21. "We took this boy in a shelter, and we already love"

22. Happy guy on the way to a new home with the owners

23. "Always loved dogs. But today this gentleman stole my heart. I took it with me."

24. First day in a new house after prJune. So much gratitude and love!

25. An elderly cat who also found a home in his old age

26. "Artemis - our little miracle from the street"

27. He is only 8 weeks old, but they decided to give him a better life.

28. A fearful miracle in a new house

29. "They took this handsome man from a local shelter. The employees don't even know what breed he is."

30. Thank you for the salvation, people!

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