30 frames with rescued animals that give faith in goodness (31 photos)

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2 February 2023

Adopting an animal from the street or a shelter is always a good deed, which will bring a lot of love and positive emotions into your life. TO Unfortunately, many pussies end up on the streets because of irresponsible owners - but on their way there are still kind people who show them what true love is. Let's take a look at such stories that inspire to take care of animals even more!

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The cat family came to the doorstep of people, and they were sheltered

The cat has one eye, frosted ears, half a tail, but recently he was taken to a loving family

A stray cat was found in a trash can near the store.. Now he has a home!

An elderly dog was adopted from a shelter when she no longer hoped for a miracle

Rescued kitten without ears, tail and paws also found its loving home

"Adopting these two dogs from the shelter is the best decision I've ever made."

Save not only cats and dogs. This woman saved a hummingbird in distress - and now they are best friends

Before and after being rescued from the street

Miraculous Creation

"Our Little Miracle Rescued. Shelter Baby"

Infinite Gratitude

Happiness - when you have a warm home and loving owners

This three-legged charmer was also rescued from the street

"I took this girl from a shelter a week ago. We already fell in love"

“I couldn’t decide which kitten to take, and took all three”

"I took him in for overexposure while he was recovering from the operation. But then I decided to keep him forever"

This dog ran away from the shelter, and when he was found the next day, a family was immediately found for him


Special cat picked up from the street

"Our senior dog fell in love with the dog we adopted from the shelter. Now they are inseparable"

"And this is my handsome boy from the shelter"

Before and after rescue

"Found these brothers in a shelter, now they live with me!"

"Bought my first apartment and decided to adopt this buddy"

On the way home from the shelter

"And here is ours, as soon as he broughtand home"

Odd-eyed miracle from the shelter

They took me in! So much happiness in the eyes

Pet dog and shelter dog become friends

Before arriving at a new home, and an hour after they were brought

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