A moment of kindness: 30 photos of rescued animals that warm the soul (31 photos)

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25 January 2023

Adopting an animal from the street or from a shelter is a noble act. Everybody animals deserve love, and especially those left to their own devices fate or ended up on the street. Let's look at good photos with the rescued animals that inspire to love our little brothers even more!

Frightened cat rescued from the street turned into a happy life

"My two cats and a dog. All rescued from the street"

"I brought this miracle with me in my backpack. She was only two weeks old"

These brother and sister were adopted from a shelter together

"All three are taken from shelters"

Elderly dog with vision problems also found a home

"We found her in a closed box along with little kittens. They were thrown away like unnecessary garbage."

Not only cats and dogs are rescued from the shelter

"Here are my charms, also sheltered"

"Our old man. Before we adopted him, he was taken three times and returned to the shelter back"

Shelter kittens brought to new home for the first time

A modest boy was also picked up from the street

Before and after rescue

"My rescued children are inseparable"

"We rescued our handsome 3 month old in a terrible state"

The day the dog was taken from the shelter and now

"And here are ours. We took them together, they became friends from the first day"

Before and after the dog got into the family

"Our new shelter cat occupied this chair 2 minutes after entering the house"

Transformation of an elderly cat who was adopted by the family

Watching with such love

The history of the selected cat

The slut was taken from the street

skinny cat transformation

This cat, as described, was brought to the shelter because he grew up and became boring

Happiness - when you were taken to a warm house

Thanks people!

"My boy. Picked up on the street"

How much happiness!

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