Thank you people: 30 photos of rescued animals that keep you warm (31 photos)

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5 June 2023

If you adopt an animal from a shelter or pick it up from the street, you you always get a faithful and very grateful companion who will express your devotion for the rest of your life. Many animals to unfortunately, by the will of fate, they end up on the streets. But thanks to these caring people, the world is getting better. Let's take a look at the good photos animals rescued from the streets and from shelters!

1. "Our postman heard someone squeak in the storm sewer.. They got this baby out of there. Our cats are already used to it, and one cat took her under his wing

2. This elderly corgi was abandoned by his owners. But now he has a new loving home

3. "On the way home we saw this little kitten who darted between cars on the road. We pulled over to the side of the road and picked it up. Now he lives with my mom."

4. "We fed this homeless man for 5 years, but recently we finally took him in with us"

5. On the way to a new home

6. "Picked up this beauty on the street, next to the trash can. She turned out to be the most beautiful and intelligent cat I have ever met."

7. Toddlers were also found in the sewer, and gave a new life.

8. 15-year-old cat ended up in a shelter after the death of the owners. They wanted to euthanize him, but a loving family was found for him

9. "Found it in a box near the road. Welcome to our family, miracle!"

10. What happiness is when you have a house

11. "This baby lost all her brothers, and was left alone. I decided to save her"

12. "My new kittens. They are 2-3 months old, and they are very recent ended up in a shelter after the street. We decided to give them a new life"

13. "Just brought this boy home today"

14. 11-year-old dog from a shelter also found a loving home

15. "Adopted a kitten from a shelter. Our dog approved"

16. "A homeless dog lived on the street next to a construction site. We adopted him and decided to leave him with us."

17. "Our new kitten immediately showed how much he loves to sleep"

18. This beauty with extra fingers on her paws is being taken to a new home.

19. "Our new polar bear puppy"

20. "Adopted furry brothers from a shelter. They seem to enjoy their new home."

21. "And we took this miracle. She was the smallest of all puppies, and no one wanted to take her away. Welcome home!"

22. A frightened kitten was brought from the street to the house. How much excitement!

23. Happy baby fell asleep on his new mistress

24. "The mother of these kids was hit by a car, and they were left alone. I did not leave them in trouble"

25. "And here is our charm from the shelter"

26. The one-eyed gentleman also got a cozy nest and caring people nearby

27. "She was adopted today. Baby is only 6 weeks old"

28."My 2-year-old cat immediately adopted a new kitten, which we brought from the shelter. It's only been one day and she's already protecting him."

29. "Adopted the first cat of my life from a shelter. She is already very grateful."

30. An elderly shelter dog who was also given a new life

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