30 photos of rescued animals that make you feel warm (31 photos)

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6 March 2023

When street animals that have never known love find a warm home and loving owners - this cannot but rejoice. Unfortunately, many animals are now on the streets - their irresponsible thrown away or left to fend for themselves. Some of them fall into shelters, and especially "lucky" find owners. Let's look at the good photos of animals rescued from the street or from shelters.

"Our handsome boy we recently adopted from a shelter"

"And this is my wife and the cat that tamed us herself"

"This is my miracle. I took him from a shelter. He does not tease - he has no teeth, so his tongue is always sticking out"

Three little sisters who were adopted from a shelter together

"Before and after rescue. 5 year old dog we adopted last week"

On the way to a new home

This is what true love can do. Before and after rescue

Beauty with different eyes, who was adopted from a shelter

"I decided to take a cat from a shelter so that stability and calmness would appear in my life. It seems that now there is only chaos in it"

Happiness - when there is a loving home, not a cage

"Take this old lady. Happy!"

"And we adopted a small copy of our cat"

Transformation of a stray cat who was abandoned with four kittens on the street

The dog immediately became friends with the shelter baby

"My parents saved this beauty from irresponsible breeders"

"We picked up a pregnant cat from the street, and soon she gave birth to six wonderful babies"

"Looks like our new shelter cat has tamed a house cat."

"The kitten I adopted a week ago fell asleep in my arms"

"Brought a new kitten just yesterday, and they already fell in love"

Toddler moves from shelter to new home

Another happy boy who found a long-awaited home

"Rescued this little girl from the street"

Kitten with a new owner - from the shelter straight to the vet

These two "twins" were also taken from the shelter

How nice it is to have a warm bed

Kitten from a sheltermade friends with the "older sister"

"Here's our new family member"

From the cage of the shelter - into the warm embrace of the owner

Special cat also found a loving home

"And we just adopted this 8-month-old boy from a shelter"

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