Joy of the day: a rare rhinoceros was born in England (6 photos + 1 video)

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27 November 2023

Chester Zoo has some wonderful news. There, a baby of an endangered species, the eastern black rhinoceros, was born. The video captured the touching moment of the baby's birth, which was a surprise for the entire zoo.

At Chester Zoo, England, a female black rhinoceros named Zuri gave birth to a baby after a 15-month pregnancy. According to zoo staff, rhinoceroses very rarely give birth during the day, but they were lucky enough to see the process of giving birth to a long-awaited baby. Everyone was waiting for him because the eastern black rhinoceroses are under serious threat of extinction: there are only 600 of them left in the wild.

“This amazing baby is a small hope for the salvation of the entire species and watching the cub come into the world was an incredible process,” says Emma Evison, Rhino Team Manager at Chester Zoo.

So far, Zuri’s mother is inseparable from her child - they spend all their time together. And the baby herself eats regularly, is already actively gaining weight and increasing in size. According to employees, she is extremely inquisitive, playful and full of energy, which is good news.

Eastern black rhinoceroses have become endangered due to the illegal horn trade linked to the traditional Asian medicine market. In the wild, 95% of the population was destroyed. Only a small number of black rhinoceroses remain in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. However, thanks to the work of environmental organizations, there are positive changes in the restoration of the population of this species: over the past ten years, the number of black rhinoceros has increased slightly.

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