“He’s falling!”: footage of the beginning of the collapse of the entrance to a five-story building in Astrakhan appeared online (6 photos + 5 videos)

20 November 2023

Cameras hanging above the collapsed entrances recorded the first minutes of the tragedy.

Yesterday, November 16, two entrances to a residential building in Astrakhan collapsed. Video from surveillance cameras has appeared online.

The footage shows the moment the residents were evacuated by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Judging by the video, the building has already begun to partially collapse, with dust and small debris in the air. Rescuers quickly remove people from the entrances.

Residents run out in home clothes: shorts, dressing gowns. Many simply did not have time to get ready.

According to local residents, the alarm was sounded when they saw a crack on the wall and a strange crackling sound.

One of the local residents went out into the yard to see what was going on. This is what the crack on the house looked like half an hour before the collapse. You can even hear a characteristic crackling sound.

Immediately after this they called 112, and people began to leave the entrance. Rescuers who arrived at the scene helped everyone evacuate, except for the 84-year-old grandmother who lived on the last, fifth floor of the house. She did not have time to leave the entrance, and her body was later discovered at the scene of the tragedy.

The evacuation was completed in half an hour. As regional governor Igor Babushkin reported, at 17.57 (16.57 Moscow time) the Emergency Management Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations received information about a crack in the wall of the building, and already at 18.27 (17.27 Moscow time) part of a five-story residential building collapsed. If not for the timely assistance of rescuers and the reaction of residents, many people could have remained under the rubble. In total, 213 people were evacuated from the house, including 37 children.

As for the reasons for the collapse, the version of a household gas explosion was immediately dismissed.


The regional investigative committee adheres to the version of the redevelopment of the apartment, as a result of which the load-bearing structures were demolished, and the house built in 1962 could not stand it.

Residents of Astrakhan reacted to this hasty conclusion with a fair amount of skepticism. Local public pages on VK are filled with comments in which Astrakhan residents talk about the condition of this (and other similar houses) and share their conclusions.

The condition of this housing has long left much to be desired. Residents of the house have repeatedly complained about leaking sewerage - by the way, the scourge of many Astrakhan houses. The deterioration of the sewer system is colossal, and Astrvodokanal cannot cope with repairs. The water is being pumped out, but there is no money for normal pipe repairs.

The house has never undergone major renovations. They patched the roof and tweaked the facade a little, but that's all. Therefore, for local residents, the version of redevelopment when the building itself has become fairly worn out looks like an attempt to shift responsibility onto the residents instead of a thorough inspection.

According to local media, the rubble will be cleared within 24 hours. Those evacuated will be provided with temporary housing. In the meantime, people are being urgently accommodated in three schools in the city.


Meanwhile, a message appeared that there were no people under the rubble of the house, and the dismantling of the collapsed entrances continued. Those previously considered missing did not live in the apartment; it was empty at the time of the collapse. A regional emergency regime has been introduced in Astrakhan.

In connection with the collapse of the house and the death of a person, a criminal case was opened under articles of causing death by negligence and destruction of property by negligence. The progress of the investigation is being monitored by the central office of the RF IC.

UPD. This tragedy may not be the only one in Astrakhan. Local residents are sounding the alarm because of a destroyed concrete partition in another house. Local media wrote about this emergency some time ago. And then, when the hype in the press died down, everything returned to normal. The residents of this house hope that now their turn will come.

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20 November 2023
Яка чудова новина! Навіть не треба посилати добрі дрони.
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