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22 July 2023

In the early hours of February 24, 2022, Russia launched rocket attacks on Ukrainian territory and launched a direct full-scale invasion. APU repulse the enemy

- Chief American General Milli:

Ukrainian counter-offensive "far from failure", although progressing more slowly than expected.

These are real people in real cars who defuse real minefields...

Now they maintain their combat power and slowly, purposefully and steadily make their way through all these minefields.

It will be long. It will be hard. It will be bloody.

International Coalition Prepares 17 Brigade Combat Teams for Ukraine's Counteroffensive, Totaling More Than 63,000 Servicemen.

- Russian missile attack on Odessa on the screen of the Virage Tablet system (automated software).

This is what the Ukrainian air defense operators saw on their screens.

Dozens of targets representing Caliber, Onyx, Kh-22 missiles and Shahed-136 kamikaze UAV.

- Russian TASS reports that several units of T-14 "Armata" tanks took part in the test battle.

Then the tanks were withdrawn from the front line.

When we move from museum options to concept options, which probably only know how to go back and forth.

- Russian brigade commander Denis "Tashkent" died near Lugansk Ivanov.

Ivanov commanded the 2nd Separate Brigade of the Luhansk People's Republic.

Well, that's great, he's very fond of going there.

- British MI6 chief Richard Moore urges Russians to "join hands with us" and "spying for Britain to help end the bloodshed."

“Many have already taken this step. Our door is always open.

- President of South Africa Ramaphosa:

Putin's arrest would be a declaration of war.

Russia has made it clear that the arrest of President Putin will be a declaration of war on Russia.

S. Africa has no right to declare or wage war on Russia. And he doesn't want to.

Then, the information was updated and made life easier for the President of South Africa

Putin will not go to the BRICS summit in South Africa.

The leaders of China, Brazil, India and South Africa will take part in the BRICS summit, but not Putin.

- Spain claims to have sent the last 4 Leopard 2 tanks by sea, which have not yet been delivered to Ukraine.

- In the new textbook on the history of Russia, which high school students will study from September, the last chapter is devoted to the war in Ukraine and the events that preceded it.

It explains the reason for the invasion and, in particular, states that Ukraine is a "neo-Nazi state".

- The Russian ammunition depot in the Kirovsky district of Crimea is still on fire and detonating.

- Photos of damaged grain terminals and infrastructure in the ports of Chernomorsk and Odessa.

- Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva:

The world is tired of the Ukrainian conflict.

- A new speech by Wagner's Prigogine:

Now what is happening at the front is a shame in which we do not need to participate and we must wait for the moment when we can prove ourselves to the fullest.

We will find time in Belarus. During this time we will make, I am sure, the Belarusian army the second army in the world. And if necessary, we will intercede for them, if necessary.

I want to ask everyone to pay maximum attention to the fact that the Belarusians met us not only as heroes, but also as brothers. They say that the local girls in the shops whisper with lust that the Wagners have arrived.

We are getting ready, we are leveling up and on a new path, to Africa, and, perhaps, we will return to the war at a time when we are sure that we will not be forced to disgrace ourselves.

- Fragments of a downed/crashed Russian Kh-59MK2 air-to-surface missile with a cluster warhead.

- The UAE and Türkiye signed deals worth $50.7 billion.

- Head of British MI6 Richard Moore:

Ukraine liberated more territory in a month than the Russian Federation seized in a year.

- Zelensky:

Russia destroyed 60 thousand tons of agricultural products intended for China in the port of Odessa.

- New package of US military assistance to Ukraine for 1.3 billion dollars:

- 4 NASAMS air defense systems with missiles

- 152-mm shells

– Demining equipment


- UAV-kamikaze Phoenix Ghost and Switchblade

- Precision Airborne Ammunition (JDAM)

- Means of countering UAVs and electronic warfare to counter UAVs


No obstacle was more terrifying to the Ukrainian counter-offensive than the explosive fields planted by Russia.

A Ukrainian soldier puts it this way: "Russian mines are everywhere, literally every half a meter."

Russian minefields — it is a hidden threat that has become a psychological torment.

- The White House does not rule out that Russia may attack civilian ships bound for Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea.

According to the US authorities, for this purpose, the Russian Federation has installed additional sea mines on the approaches to Ukrainian ports.

- Press Secretary of the Ukrainian Air Force Ignat on why the air defense could not destroy any of the seven Russian P-800 Onyx missiles that hit Odessa today:

Ukraine does not yet have the opportunity to shoot them down, as the missile flies at a speed of more than 3000 km/h.

When approaching the target "Onyx" can fly at a height of 10-15 m above the water.

- Reuters:

Ukraine is already using cluster munitions received from the US

- The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informs that from July 21, all ships sailing in the Black Sea in the direction of the seaports of the Russian Federation and the seaports of Ukraine, located on the territory of Ukraine temporarily occupied by Russia, can be considered by Ukraine as carrying military cargo.

- Russia imposes restrictions on the movement of British diplomats in Russia.

- WaPo:

Ukrainian security officials praise the Bradley BMP, part of the damaged Bradley has already been repaired.

- The White House:

Deliveries of F-16 to UUkraine may begin before the end of the year, but they are unlikely to change the course of the conflict.

- Cemetery of PMC Wagner.

- Hungary opposes the EU plan for military support to Ukraine in the amount of 20 billion euros.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said that Hungary would object to the fund until Ukraine removed the Hungarian OTP Bank from the list of "war sponsors".

- CIA Chief Burns:

Putin — supreme apostle of reckoning. Prigozhin is likely to see retribution from Putin at some point.

If I were Prigogine, I wouldn't fire my taster.

- Former deputy head of the Pentagon Colin Kahl believes that Ukraine does not need ATACMS missiles.

Kahl says the Ukrainian military already has long range weapons.

- CNN with reference to Emmanuel Bonn, adviser to French President Emmanuel Macron:

China supplies Russia with non-lethal military aid such as helmets, armor and dual-use technology.

There are indications that they are doing things we would rather they not do.

- The Pentagon claims that some of the Western weapons transferred to Ukraine were stolen.

CNN reports that last year some of the Western weapons sent to Ukraine were stolen, and later they managed to return them.

Behind the kidnappings are arms dealers. The weapons were planned to be resold on the black market.

- President of Ukraine Zelensky dismissed the Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK Vadym Prystaiko.

- Germany allocates a new package of military assistance to Ukraine:

- 10 Leopard 1A5 tanks;

- 20 MG3 machine guns for tanks and armored vehicles;

- 1035 x 155-mm artillery shells and 2064 x smoke shots;

- bridge system and 12 trailers;

- 10 radars;

- 16 Zetros trucks;

- 100,000 first aid kits

- German Rheinmetall will build a plant in Ukraine, despite the threats from Russia.

Rheinmetall COE Armin Papperger:

Rheinmetall will not abandon its plans and protect the plant with the help of anti-aircraft systems of its own production.

- Putin says that Poland got a lot of western lands thanks to Stalin:

In Warsaw, we forgot about it, we recall.

Poland seized a part of Lithuania, took away its historical lands from Russia, taking advantage of the civil war, participated in the division of Czechoslovakia.

Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin:

Poland considers the possibility of establishing control over Western Ukraine by stationing its troops there.

- Former FSB agent, Russian commander Igor Strelkov (Girkin) was detained by Russian law enforcement officers.

- US Secretary of State Blinken:

NATO has an open door policy, Russia has an open window policy.

- Zelensky calls the Crimean bridge "a target that needs to be neutralized."

- White House/Sullivan:

Washington continues to discuss with Kiev the possibility of supplying ATACMS, a decision on this matter has not yet been made.

- The world-famous rapper ASAP Rocky supported Russia and released his own chain from tanks in the shape of the letter “Z”

«What are you fucking old?», – the comment of the Ukrainian clearly describes the situation.

- Russia wants with its rocket attackson the port of Odessa with food to arrange a famine in Ukraine as in 1932–33

- A little about the topic of Girkin's arrest

The court sent Igor Strelkov to a pre-trial detention center until September 18

The faces of the members of the "Offended Patriots Club" right now

A written undertaking not to leave a place for a strelkov, who will be seized and thrown into prison at any airport in the world on charges of shooting down a Malaysian Boeing, is a measure. All measures measure



Waiting for a new episode from prison

The pleasant smell of zombie brought you


Thanks to Comrade Major...

- "Angry Patriots Club" meets for emergency meeting due to arrest of agent Girkins

Photo 1: statement of the club of angry patriots

Photo 2: the composition of the club of angry patriots😃


Club of Detained Patriots

- A 40-year-old Russian researcher sawed his head with a drill and inserted a homemade implant there to "control dreams"

There are simply no words

- Vladlen Tatarsky met his colleague in hell: Z-military commander Mikhail Luchin, author of the Misha in Donbass channel, was liquidated

▪️The last thing that the scum managed to remove — fake at the mine near Krasnogorovka about "dill-Nazis"

▪️This is the one who became famous after the situation when Ukrainian hackers ordered him $25,000 rubber cocks instead of drones for the Russian army

- Lifetime of atomic bombs of the USSR

I've arranged a mini-study for myself. How long does the country's nuclear arsenal "rust".

You know, plutonium does not deteriorate for 100-150 years. Those. that part of the bomb that makes the first boom - it is quite well stored. Unfortunately. Plutonium oxidizes well (rusts) - but in our case it does not matter.

But in these modern thermonuclear charges, plutonium is only a detonator. And for the bomb to explode properly, it uses tritium. But with tritium, the story is different. It falls apart on its own. Its "service life" is 10-15 years. Then you need to change.

And also lithium deuteride, which actually makes a thermonuclear explosion - it also takes 10-20 years and needs to be changed. Sort of.

And in the bomb there is an explosive that starts a nuclear reaction. There, too, probably the service life is not eternal.

After all, Google told me that the estimate of the service life of Soviet atomic warheads is 10/15 years. Then they need to be disassembled and serviced.with the replacement of many expensive materials. The same tritium is not sold in Leroy Merlin.

And you know. Most of the nuclear arsenal of the Russian Federation was stamped during the Soviet era. 30 years ago. Do you think that Russian affective managers did not steal at all and served as they should? Despite the fact that the first 10 years (from 1991 to 2000) were not at all up to wars. The country was in complete turmoil. And then what came to mind? They are fighting in Ukraine with Soviet equipment. Armata - stalled at the parade. And all these miracle planes and ships that go to ... Tu95 is generally an ancient miracle. It's all from the USSR. And the new one - remember how the space forces plane crashed and there the black box turned out to be made on its knee from the details of the "young electronics engineer" set. There was a lot of noise. Or theft in Roskosmos when the rockets were falling - and then it turned out that they shoved "cheaper" rockets into the rockets. Rogozin then lamented that theft is everywhere.

You can also add that until 2013, all the carriers, all of a sudden, came to serve specialists from YuzhMash of the Dnieper, for they were completely afraid to see their own people near these bombs.

And you know - this knowledge calms me a little.

(c) not mine

- Call the orderlies

- In Kyiv, work has been completed to replace the coat of arms of the USSR with a trident on the monument "Motherland"

- Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a cat (the cat was taken out of the abandoned village)

- Russian schools received a new history textbook, from which half a million potential soldiers will learn why they need to die

- The denunciation of Girkin was dashed off by the former Yaroslavl deputy and Wagnerian Dmitry Petrovsky

“Yes, I filed a complaint against Strelkov with the prosecutor's office four days ago. And yes, I really am an employee of the Wagner PMC, I twice went on a business trip as a surgeon. I consider Strelkov a “military Blinovskaya”: he collects large donations allegedly to help our guys, but does not report on the money spent. The last straw, of course, was Strelkov's words about our President Vladimir Putin. I think that insulting the first person of the state — it is a crime. I can’t say for sure yet whether they detained me after my statement or not, the General Prosecutor’s Office does not report to a simple surgeon. But I hope that it was I who set the matter in motion.

- Two children died as a result of shelling in the Donetsk region

According to the head of the Donetsk regional military administration Pavel Kirilenko, the shelling took place in the village of Druzhba, Toretsk community, Bakhmut district.

"At about three o'clock in the afternoon, the Russians shelled the village with artillery. One of the shells hit the yard where there were children, – a 10-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl. Brother and sister. They received injuries incompatible with life", – Kirilenko said.

He added that an elderly woman was also injured as a result of the shelling, she was taken to the hospital.

The editors of the Present Time cannot quickly confirm the information about the dead and wounded as a result of the shelling of the Donetsk region.

- Russians now have more rights!

- Don - danone

Kadyrov's nephew appointed as new director of Russian Danone. The new head of JSC "Danone Russia" Yakub Zakriev, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Chechnya and Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Chechnya Eat the wrong dog, don.

- Peskov urged not to criticize Putin's confidant Isinbayeva, who left for a NATO country

“Of course, the sports community reacts harshly to Isinbayeva's statement. It so happens that, not knowing what was discussed, we simply fall upon the athlete, whom we were proud of just recently. She did not condemn anything, she did not criticize anyone, she fulfills her functions, where she lives, in the end, it does not matter at all. In honor of her, our anthem was played so many times and our flag was hoisted, that this must be remembered and must not be forgotten. Putin's spokesman said.

Earlier, the announcement of her trip to the annexed Crimea in 2019, as well as congratulations to Shoigu on his birthday, disappeared from Isinbayeva’s Instagram page.

In addition, the name of Isinbayeva disappeared from the heading "persons of the party" on the United Russia website.

Earlier, El digital sur wrote that the Olympic champion and Putin's confidant Yelena Isinbayeva moved to live in a NATO country — Spain, and is now in Tenerife. Isinbayeva stated that she was "a man of the world."

- The "Family Guy" series "From Russia with Love" was finally released on the Kinopoisk online service, and Stewie's character's phrase about the war with Ukraine was translated as "zavarushka"

- Mobilization soon - have time to take your place (reservation is possible)

- St. Petersburg trolleybus depot invites you to work

- Coincidence? Don't think!

Filled out the form, immediately called back and invited for an interview. A strange office, for some reason it works in the building of the military registration and enlistment office. How were they allowed there? Probably very cool connections. I get dressed, such connections are needed, maybe they will help me hang down!

- From funny

- Steam knows for sure

- The Washington Post. Of the 190 Bradley M2A2 infantry fighting vehicles delivered, about 10 (according to ORYX 15 destroyed) were completely destroyed. According to the soldiers, the biggest advantage is that the Bradleys protect everyone inside, as a rule, the soldiers receive only minor injuries.

The difference between the Soviet and American approaches. For the Soviet thought, the soldiers do not need to be protected - they are free, and you can always recruit more. For Western soldiers, it is necessary to protect, they are taxpayers in the future, their relatives are voters, they have weapons at home, therefore, like it or not, but it is necessary to protect it.

- S. Marshak

- Tymofiy Rudenko, who was detained 8 times, was charged under a terrorist article. He had previously been tortured. The reason could be anti-war comments.

Former military psychologist Timofey Rudenko was detained in a criminal case "under a terrorist article", his mother Yulia Kiselyova said. For what exactly, it is still unclear.

In May 2022, according to the man, the security forces came to his house, tortured him with a stun gun and demanded “a confession that he was a terrorist and was preparing terrorist attacks in Moscow and Russia as a whole.” After his refusal, a report on "petty hooliganism" was drawn up against the Muscovite.

Rudenko retired from service a few years ago and spoke out against the war in Ukraine on his VKontakte page. In mid-May 2023, a man was detained at the Zhukovsky airport, where the security forces used a stun gun on him and offered to “atone for his homeland” by joining the Wagner PMC.

In addition to administrative protocols on alleged "petty hooliganism" (the man was detained 8 times a year), they also tried to bring Rudenko under an article on the demonstration of Nazi symbols.

- Alexei Navalny was asked for 20 years in a strict regime colony

The verdict on the «extremist» the case against the politician will be handed down on August 4, said Ivan Zhdanov, director of the international FBK. For the former technical director of "Navalny LIVE" Daniel Kholodny court requested 10 years in a general regime colony.

- Let's write it down, Putin is a scum who unleashed a war for the sake of his financial interests

- “Social advertising” in Putin's Russia

- 21st century. In Russia, they propose to return maritime piracy. And you say that young people have no prospects when they have a chance to become a real Jack Sparrow.

- Banner at the bus stop next to the Swedish Embassy in Moscow… (captured in June)

- Zakhar Prilepin's YouTube channel was blocked

- «What is happening to my country right now — misfortune and a real disaster. First of all, moral. Realize its scale and depth, understand why it became possible and, most importantly, stop it — it's a matter of survival."

writes the artist Pavel Otdelnov and adds: “I am sure that the hostilities that began on February 24, 2022 were the result of this catastrophe, which began much earlier.”

- Great Britain lifted sanctions against Oleg Tinkov. The former owner of Tinkoff Bank came under UK sanctions in March 2022. He was forbidden to enter the ports of the country on his yachts, as well as fly on private planes.

- For the non-appearance of Russian citizens on the agenda in the military registration and enlistment office in the Russian Federation, they want to punish with a fine of up to 50 thousand rubles. Previously, fines of up to 3 thousand rubles were given for failure to appear on the agenda.

- Portrait of the face of Putin's electorate

- Ukrainian journalist of the UNIAN news agency Dmitry Khilyuk, abducted by the Russian military in the spring of last year, is alive and is being held in one of the correctional colonies. "Reporters Without Borders"

This is stated in the latest report of the international organization Reporters Without Borders.

As it turned out, around the middle of May, the journalist was taken out of SIZO No. 2 in the city of Novozybkov, Bryansk Region, and placed in one of the prisons in the Vladimir Region. From there, he relayed messages to his family and colleagues, and met with several anonymous insiders. According to Reporters Without Borders, now Dmitry Khilyuk may be in IK No. 7 (Pakino village, Kovrovskiy district) or IK No. 6 (Melekhovo village), where Alexei Navalny is being held.

Dmitry Khilyuk, together with his father, was forcibly removed from the territory of his house in the village of Kozarovichi, Vyshgorodsky district, Kievsky district, in March 2022. Officially, the Russian authorities deny that the journalist is in captivity.

- Just not even anger is enough

- Mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich publishes a photo of the consequences of the night shelling of the city

“In total, 18 people were injured, 9 of them were hospitalized, incl. 5 children, 2 people rescued from rubble. It's a miracle that we managed to save" – writes the head of the OVA Nikolaev Vitaly Kim.

- Russian philosophers of the XXI century

- Russia - 164 out of 180 in terms of freedom of the media in the world 🤡

- Half a tablet in the morning and evening

the result of proper work after taking the pill

- Pevchikh sued Solovyov

- Armed Forces of Ichkeria — the only foreign army fighting today on the side of Ukraine with the Russian occupiers. Collage: Akhmed Zakaev and Arbi Baraev, Chechnya, 1996. Their sons: Shamil Zakaev and Fathi Baraev, Ukraine, 2023

- Brilliant

- About gender reassignment in Russia

- A Ukrainian woman was looking for her prisoner-of-war husband for a year and found him in court in Rostov-on-Don. He faces 15 years to life

- Poland is preparing to transfer another 20 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. This transfer will not take place all at once and will be gradual

"Ten MiG-29s have been handed over so far, but it is possible that Poland will hand over the rest - about twenty more aircraft of this type, which they still have in service. However, this will most likely happen after aircraft from Western countries begin to arrive in Poland. This process has already begun (Poland received the first FA-50 light fighters from South Korea). Poland is among the 11 countries that have declared their readiness to start training Ukrainian pilots on the F-16," - Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Vasily Zvarych said.

What happened?

- The situation with the shortage of components at AvtoVAZ is not only not improving – getting worse

The mess with the assembly of cars continues.

- On the first page of the zigabu

Bots from the Kremlin do not have time to put dislikes

- After a year and a half, it still came

- A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma, according to which they will be able to deprive the citizenship of the Russian Federation received by birth, including for desertion, discrediting the army and calls for extremism

- Their fight

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