How bamboo vase-like towers produce water in Africa (3 photos + 1 video)

6 March 2023

Most Africans are deprived of the most banal good: in In villages, a trip to collect drinking water can take several hours. Usually you need to go to the pond, which is located a few kilometers from villages.

Bringing water daily is the duty of women and children. With all this, the water in the pond is far from always clean, because here they can come and animals that pollute the water with waste.

In 2013, Italian architect Arturo Vittori (Arturo Vittori) visited Africa and saw with his own eyes the deplorable situation with water. He got the idea to create a structure that would help people get water right in the village and no longer go to the ponds. First tower appeared in one of the Ethiopian villages two years later. She got name Warka Water Tower.

The project was so successful that Vittori, with the support other caring people founded the non-profit organization Warka Water Inc.. Structures that look more like a giant vase now stand in several African villages. How does this design work and how it appears water literally from the air, says the author of the video below.

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