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30 December 2022

In the early hours of February 24, 2022, Russia launched rocket attacks on Ukrainian territory and launched a direct full-scale invasion. APU repulse the enemy

- 1 coffin + 1 coffin = 3

What time, such and promotions

200th mobiles — it is an investment in the future of the Russian economy

- Cockfights of Medvedev and Prigogine

The head of the Wagner convicts Prigozhin responded to Medvedev's nonsense about plans for 2023:

"Yes, I've read the "forecasts" and I can't comment on erotic fantasies in any way. Of course, any fantasy takes place. But it seems to me that the Strugatsky brothers understand this better than I do. As for the situation at the front, I'm good at she's immersed, but that's my little secret"

Zek-rooster will soon covet Putin, won't he?

- Shoigu competes with Prigogine

Shoigu sent sent his own PMC near Ugledar. But the PMC "Wagner" Prigozhin and the PMC "Patriot" Shoigu compete, and are still in different "theaters of war"

- When they said that alcohol will rise in price from January 1

Mighty warriors of the Russian Federation...

- Tried to outplay everyone and died.

In Romania found dead one of the six citizens of Ukraine who illegally crossed the state border and got lost in the mountains, — Agerpres reported.

According to Dan Benga, Director of the State Mining and Rescue Service of the Romanian Maramures County, a local resident found the dead man.

- The forces of the Russian Federation in the Bakhmut direction are depleted.

ISW analysts assessed the situation and believe that events may be approaching a climax, as it was in Kherson. Rashists are running out of resources.

- In Odessa, they report the beginning of the demolition of the monument to Catherine II.

At the monument to the "Founders of Odessa" communal services and the police gathered, which cordoned off the perimeter of the monument.

- The dollar exchange rate at the beginning of 2023 can range from UAH 38.8 to 42.2.

In the first months of 2023, the dollar exchange rate may grow by 2-3% — 1-1.2 hryvnia per dollar. However, the cash rate in January-February will depend on events at the front, — says German Marchenko, director of the treasury department at Cominbank.

- The Finnish Parliament calls on the government to be the first in Europe to start supplying Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks.

Deputies of the Finnish Parliament Anders Adlerkreutz and Atte Harjanne stated this. According to them, the transfer of even a small number of tanks will lay the foundation for a discourse on the need to supply Western tanks to other European countries.

- Budanov visited the advanced positions in Bakhmut.

There the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense awarded the soldiers and set appropriate tasks for the further advancement of our forces.

- "How long will Budanov, who personally killed Russians, mock us?", — Rusny has a fire from the photos of the head of the GUR in Bakhmut.

How long?

- The Russian Federation will use nuclear weapons in case of defeat in the war, Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto told Il Fatto Quotidiano.

"The use of tactical nuclear weapons is planned by Russia. For us it is unthinkable, but for Moscow — yes, if the point of no return is passed, if they risk defeat. In short, the danger is potentially there, although very unlikely", — he added.

At the same time, he assured that Italy would continue to support Ukraine, including by providing military assistance.

- Otakoї: at the request of Ukraine, a Ukrainian businessman and ex-deputy Konstantin Zhevago was detained in the French ski resort of Courchevel, — Tatyana Sapyan, Communications Advisor at the State Bureau of Investigation.

"Today, at the request of investigators of the State Bureau of Investigation, Konstantin Zhevago was detained in Courchevel. He is a defendant in several criminal proceedings of the State Bureau of Investigation, and now documents for extradition are being prepared", — she said.

- The Orcs dug up the Crimea.

OSINT analyst Benjamin Pitte released satellite imagery of Russian soldiers digging around a radar station near the village of Lazurnoe on the southern coast of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

- Ukraine is developing air-to-air drones to shoot down Iranian kamikaze drones, — Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov.

Ukraine has already purchased about 1,400 drones, mostly reconnaissance ones. According to the head of the Ministry of Digital Development, the situation will change dramatically for the better in February-March. This will be the next step in the development of technology.

- Volodymyr Zelensky, during a speech in the Verkhovna Rada, presented HIMARS battery commander Pavel Chernyavsky with a distinction from US President Joe Biden.

- In Russia, three military aviation officers were solemnly buried, who died as a result of the last strike on the Engels strategic aviation airfield.

They were sure of their safety. They thought that being almost a thousand kilometers from Ukraine and helping to bomb the civilian population with rockets, they remained out of reach for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And they were wrong.

- There are many signs that the Russian Federation is seriously preparing for the resumption of the military offensive.

The former head of the National Security Bureau of Poland, General Stanislaw Kozei, in an interview with Wirtualna Polska noted that the information chaos by the Kremlin is likely deliberate and calculated to lull Ukraine's vigilance.

- The Ukrainian police liquidated 13 bot farms that served the interests of Russia. Operations were carried out using more than 1.5 million accounts.

Materials posted online include: justifying Russia's occupation of Ukraine and compromising evidence on Zelensky's forces or government officials.

An official statement from the Ukrainian Cyber Police explains that more than 100,000 accounts were used to register these accounts. SIM cards. They were captured by the police as part of an operation called Boto Farm.

In addition, the attackers distributed malware to mobile phones and made transfers to accounts in Russia. During the investigation, 31 persons involved in criminal activity were identified.

24 searches were carried out. In addition to SIM cards, more than 100 pieces of computer equipment, more than 150 mobile phones and about 300 GSM gateways were confiscated.

- Residents of Nizhnevartovsk now live in fear

Sculptors severely mocked them. It is a pity for those children who will see this horror.

Sculptures probably cost a million?

- #losses of invaders as of 12/28/2022

+550 pogigreater RF Armed Forces per day

Captain – Mikhail Frolov

Lieutenant Colonel – Eduard Ergashev

Captain – Yuri Tyurin

Lieutenant – Andrey Nechaev

Senior Lieutenant – Bair Dambiev

- The export of Russian pipeline gas to Europe has collapsed to the post-Soviet minimum.

Gazprom has announced that its export outside the Russian Federation this year will reach 100.9 billion cubic meters. For you to understand, this is a drop of more than 45% compared to 185.1 billion cubic meters in 2021.

- Bulbash is not enough for an attack on Ukraine.

On the territory of Belarus, Russia currently holds a group of troops numbering 10,200 people, — Chairman of the State Border Service Sergei Deineko.

"The group that exists now cannot fulfill the task of a second attack on the territory of our state", — Deineko noted.

- On New Year's Eve, the Russian mobile operator launched roaming in Somalia for fellow citizens. Not a joke but still funny

- All according to plan!

- Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from United Russia Nikolai Brykin, who lives on budget money, wants to recognize all those who left the Russian Federation as foreign agents

- Anti-tank hedgehogs of the Pyurer army. Are they shrunken from the cold or is this a normal size?

- The owner of a sauna from Chita was fined 30 thousand for several stories on Instagram. For example, for retelling a dream about Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and for a joke about glass containers. OVD-Info collected his story in card format

- The first deputy head of Putin's administration, Sergei Kiriyenko, visited the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, captured by Russia. Earlier Sergei Kiriyenko visited Kherson...

- In one of the courtyards of Tver "buried" Putin and Shoigu. Source: SOTA

- Nurse Irina Danilovich was sentenced to 7 years in the annexed Crimea on charges of storing explosives in a case for glasses. The girl told about the abduction and torture in the FSB and pleaded not guilty

- And they transport for free or also — for half price?

- "She ruined the USSR too!"

- It was Putin's brilliant plan for the economic development of the Russian hinterland!

- Such unanimity with a wish for New Year's Eve has never been in the history of mankind, that's for sure

Is the West going to continue discussing "peace talks" with these people?

- "You — Ukrainian scum, go under yourself, you don't deserve a toilet. On the eve of August 24, I was offered to return to work, but under the auspices of the Russian authorities. I refused, and a couple of days later 15 people with machine guns broke into our house and took us away. I spent ten days in the basement, my husband — two months

- Everything will be Ukraine!

- Looks like the packages have run out. Will have to wrap in film

- Holy saints! What kind of miracles are these?

- In Petrozavodsk, a military man who returned from Ukraine shot his wife

What exactly provoked him — unknown. The 49-year-old soldier fired a service weapon at his wife, who died on the spot. The shooter called the police himself.

The representative of the Investigative Committee declined to comment.

Soon all Vanka will return like this, it will be fun

- #losses of invaders as of December 29

+ 790 dead of the RF Armed Forces over the past day:

Senior Lieutenant Nikita Koshutin

Lieutenant Grigory Petunin

- Who would have known that the victory of — is to be in the Sevastopol cemetery

- What good news: in Bryansk, drones disabled the S-300 launcher

- Such fragments of rockets can be found in the Kyiv region.

Meanwhile, it is known about 15 downed missiles over Kyiv.

- A village in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, almost a thousand kilometers from Russia, – Timoshenko.

"A rocket flies right into the house, miraculously does not explode."

- As a result of the rashist attack today there is damage to the power system facilities, the most difficult situation is in the Kyiv, Odessa regions, as well as in the west of Ukraine.

- This is friendly fire: in the Brest region of Belarus, near the border with Volyn, a rocket fell.

Belarus Gayun reports that information appeared on the Internet that "a missile was shot down near the village of Gorbakha, according to the first information, there were no victims." Was the rocket shot down or fell itself — not yet known.

- Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that Russia refuses to negotiate with Ukraine on the basis of the "peace formula" proposed by Zelensky.

At the same time, the Russian minister states that it is supposedly Kyiv that is not ready for dialogue.

- The war will end in August next year.

At least, Peruvian shamans think so, — Reuters.

- The majority of Ukrainians (54%) believe that the UOC-MP should be dispersed to hell. Almost a quarter more propose to establish tight control over this church.

12% of Ukrainians still have Mother Rus' in their heads.

- Italy is ready to act as a guarantor of the peace agreement pabout Ukraine, said Prime Minister Georgia Meloni.

In this regard, the Italian Prime Minister is preparing a visit to Kyiv in February.

- Lukashenka continues to resist, but prepares Belarus for war.

According to the Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Igor Kizima, when it comes to the threat from Belarus, it is necessary to talk not only about the army of the Republic of Belarus, which are already undergoing exercises, but also about the Russians. The diplomat called the presence of the Russian army in Belarus the main risk.

- King of Horror Stephen King tweeted that his biggest wish for next year – this is the world in Ukraine.

- Around Bakhmut, the defenders of Ukraine daily hold back up to 20 enemy attacks, — General Staff.

In order to concentrate artillery fire around Bakhmut, the enemy has deliberately reduced the number of shelling of positions of our troops in the Kherson and Zaporozhye directions in recent weeks.

- The plans of the occupiers collapsed: Ukraine will most likely celebrate the New Year with light.

Thus, Yasno's CEO said that in Kyiv the current level of electricity availability is quite high and there is a possibility that "we will soon return to the pre-shelling level."

- Racing drones have become a deadly weapon in the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, — Forbes =2500ef8246d5).

Analysts have noticed that in several videos with APU strikes on vehicles, small maneuverable drones appear with a tethered warhead that easily penetrates the armor of the BMP.

Actually, these were first-person-view (FPV) racing drones designed to be piloted by operators using goggles, to which the drone transmits an image via Wi-Fi from a high-resolution front camera. And our warriors turned such babies into kamikaze.

- The Armed Forces of Ukraine can enter the territory of Russia and conduct military operations there, if necessary, — Danilov.

"If for the defense of our country it is necessary to be where we deem necessary, we will be there. And we will not ask anyone. And all this talk about not annoying someone there is nonsense", &mdash ; he declared.

- So that's what it was. The most significant result of the special operation for 85% of Russians was the lifting of the water blockade of Crimea, — VCIOM.

The special operation is 100% completed.

- A detained Russian spy from among German intelligence officers had access to a huge amount of top-secret information about the war in Ukraine, including fragments of intercepted conversations and satellite images, — The Wall Street Journal.

He worked in the Department of Technical Reconnaissance and could transfer to the Russians not only data from German, but also from British and American intelligence.

- Iran does not transfer missiles to Russia due to potential consequences, — Andrey Yusov, spokesman for the GUR MO, said.

"Delivery of Iranian drones continues. As for ballistic missiles, this is such a desirable weapon for Putin, but so far he can't get it.

As far as we know, not everyone in Iran is so eager to help Putin, realizing how this can threaten the Iranian regime," he said.

- Kyiv, today. Photo by Olga Chaiko. Py.Sy: Thanks to the air defense forces for their brilliant work. Until 24.02 before the flight day, we called the air defense to warn them about the flights and I did not even suspect how cool they were. After the war, an extra minute of conversation will be spent on gratitude!

- Keep it up! I hope the information is confirmed)

- Putin, by his decree, released those participating in the so-called. SVO security officials and seconded to the occupied regions from the need to provide information on income. Here is the expanse, now the bureaucrats will come. Steal and squeeze until you're tired

- Bashkirs

- Russians get sick less and less every day. This is the conclusion that Rospropaganda will draw from the fact of a decrease in drug sales.

- In St. Petersburg, at the SKTB Technolog enterprise, which produces, among other things, explosives, an explosion occurred on December 29, two people were injured. But the Investigative Committee will investigate the "emission of energy."

- You don't understand, it's different!

- This is the beginning of inconvenience for Muscovites

- The Russian movement "AntiFond", aimed at protecting labor rights and supporting strikes, talks about how to avoid extortion allegedly for the needs of the army

- And again half a billion bucks. And let them not tryndyat that it has already been paid for, old stocks, write off anyway. The result - turned off the light and water for three hours for reinsurance. Everything is already there.

- Patriotic club with interactive games in the virtual subspace opened in Gomel

- Movement of actionists "Spring" publishes photos of new single pickets: Moscow and Yaroslavl region. The photo in the Yaroslavl region was taken at the reception of United Russia

- Rogozin wrote that he was alive. And ready to go to the end. The second photo of Rogozin after the operation

- Member of the Federation Council Tsekov called for the confiscation of the property of those who left Russia after the start of the war and take an anti-war position.

- Psychic Beacon — a mind control device created by Yuri and used by the USSR during World War III

- “Signor Petrushka quickly looked around those present and wrote down in a little book everyone in whose eyes one could read reproach.”

- Patriotic poetry has reached the children

- The recruiting office has a great sense of humor to everything. The joke about the half-blind in the sniper is no longer a joke ..

- Zaluzhny in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. 308th day of a large-scale war.

- Strength is in truth, brother :)

- memes

- I didn't understand right away either, but I'll spoil it, the window where oligarchs often go out lately

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