Propaganda that is brainwashed by russians in russia. Part 43

11 March 2023

A selection of videos that clearly shows how Russians are brainwashed with the help of television, after which they so fiercely begin to support the war in Ukraine.

Propaganda: Propaganda (lat. propaganda, literally - “extending expansion”, from lat. propago - “expanding”) - expansion of views, facts, arguments, often slightly, contrived information or obviously untrue information using the method of formation the required huge thoughts and manipulation of the suspense I'm reporting.

A 6th grade girl in the Russian Federation was placed in a rehab center for an anti-war picture in an art lesson, and her father was imprisoned

Schoolgirl Masha Moskaleva was forcibly taken to Efremov Rehabilitation Center No. 5 after her father Alexei Moskalev was accused of discrediting the army. The case was opened, among other things, because of a drawing that Masha drew in an art lesson: a woman sheltering a child from flying missiles, and the flag of Ukraine. After this, the father was placed under house arrest. He is also not allowed to take his daughter from the shelter or at least talk to her.

Any 6th grade girl is a threat to the safety and life of Putin

And this is Tuapse, where Pantsir-S1 was installed on the pier

Amazing zero qualifications at the level of mid-level commanders! Place the radar system among massive cranes that block large sectors of both radar and missiles. The drone only needs to fly in from the direction of one of the cranes, making a maneuver at the very last moment and destroy the installation. Then do whatever you want with the port. These systems are installed in an open field so that nothing interferes or overlaps. Of course, this is all good, Russia will have less air defense, but this is the level of monkeys with a grenade and without the instinct of self-preservation.

And now I’ll show you where a drone was launched at the Machulishchi airfield

The potato pseudo-president of the Republic of Belarus said that the attack on the most expensive aircraft of the Russian Federation, the A-50, was planned by the SBU and the CIA, having recruited a Russian IT specialist in 2014

According to Lukashenko, the plane, worth more than half a billion dollars, which had already been taken for repair work in the Russian Federation, was not damaged by the attack. It's not his fault. And in general Putin's best friend

In the fake country of Transnistria they said that they were allegedly being hunted by the SBU

They claim that they saved the local “leader” Krasnoselsky from an assassination attempt

So, the “junta,” according to Rospaganda information over the last month, we: recruited IT specialists for terrorist attacks in Belarus, killed girls in the Bryansk region, who were resurrected and turned into boys, blew up Nord Streams, and were preparing to attack Transnistria with a “dirty bomb.”

Vladimir also provide us with air defense. Rotten balconies fall on people's heads

Yesterday they spent 600 million dollars on shelling Ukraine, meanwhile Russia and its well-groomed territories

Gauleiter Balitsky made a very funny prediction

He believes that NATO and the EU will collapse this summer, and all because of “LGBT and technology.”

The former regional leader, who led the occupied part of the Zaporozhye region, had his brain clamped with a “spiritual clamp.” This will definitely be the TOP kringe for today!

If you ever think that something is wrong with you, watch this video

Ritual dances in Russia as a separate art form

In case you forgot, exactly a year ago, on March 8, 2022, Putin announced that there would be no mobilization

that conscripts will not fight, that only contract soldiers will fight and other crap

But at this time, you and I were already engaged in identifying thousands of captured and killed mobs! Putin is not just a cunt, but a war criminal!

If you have no self-esteem, then the only thing you have is a great power

To whom is war, and to whom is luxury life

Rumor has it that a “poor” priest from the MP was spotted in Kyiv

The world has not yet encountered a well-prepared Russian army, - Prigozhin

“Many things do not live long, like 300 Spartans or three heroes. They remain in the memory of the people... This can happen with the Wagner PMC. At the moment, the world has not yet encountered a well-prepared Russian army. They are waiting in the wings,” - says the cook.

Natalya Shavshukova. Russians and the civilized world are on the same side

NATO, bonds, Putin - that’s what’s in the minds of the army of asvabatites

There would be no happiness, but misfortune would help

But the Nazis are still in Ukraine

A man from Dagestan was refused a job at Wildberries, saying that natives of Chechnya and Dagestan are not hired due to the specifics of the company’s charter.

The man in the video tried to get a position in the company through the WB Job application - he uploaded his data there and went for an interview in Domodedovo. But, according to him, during the meeting, an employee of the marketplace refused him because of his nationality. After that, he called the lawyer, and he was very surprised at the reason for the refusal, advising him to film it on his phone. This is where the security guard came into play and told about the Wildberries charter:

“They adopted such a charter that neither Chechens nor Dagestanis work. There is no way you can decide, not through the main office, not through anything. The girl is busy now, she clearly and intelligibly explained to you that the Wildberry charter is that Chechens and Dagestanis are not hired.”

New conspiracy theory from Orthodox doctors

The Russian military (generals anyway) are so stupid for the simple reason that their enemies sprinkle their food with stupefying substances, for example, fluoride

New life hacks from the well-known domestic Billy Milligan in narrow circles

Let's take a break from propaganda and look at the indifference to the laws of the Russian Federation. And how can there be order in this country?

according to zovy, according to plan

What kind of a herd of homeless people? That is, to enter Ukraine without permission, defense of the homeland, if others enter, then they are Nazis, although wait, you don’t have to enter, you are still a Nazi.

Moscow gave money for defense, the money was divided, and for free they found fools to make videos. Everything is in the black

Posner was silent for so long and finally gave away his position. It would be better to remain silent

Why was video surveillance installed at the cemetery in Khabarovsk?

It’s just that someone constantly draws fascist crosses on the flags of the Russian Federation near the graves of soldiers

Continuation of Lukashenka’s hype statement in action

In Belarus they showed the detention of the same IT specialist who allegedly blew up the most expensive plane in the Russian Federation from a drone

There is no doubt that this video is fake and staged. The special forces knocked down the doors, and the IT guy sits quietly without a T-shirt and confesses.

ChickChirik decided to absolve himself of responsibility to his overlord for the fucked-up plane worth half a billion bucks

Drunkenness and gluttony - the end

The priests in Russia are sure that to defeat Ukraine we need to proclaim Lent and stop drinking.

Roskomnadzor prohibits calling a special operation an attack, invasion or declaration of war

For people like Sobchak, this is not a disaster, she lived richly and will continue to live, the bank accounts will lose a little, maybe the maximum, so for her this is not a disaster, but for people who, according to this expert, will spend 5-7 years of their lives to restore the DO level is a disaster, because this is a large part of their life that they will simply lose.

Russia will not be able to resist without the announcement of a “Special Great Patriotic Operation”

The last frame was actually cut off, where half the people in the hall start vomiting

Russians, Belarusians, know that Ukraine is a Nazi country

After a 23-year-old blogger from Odessa was fined 5,000 hryvnia for refusing to provide services in Ukrainian, she decided to release a video with statements about the “Nazi” authorities of Ukraine.

Suitcase - station - Russia.

I wonder how quickly the apology video will appear?

From March 8th from Putin

For the stupid, between the lines in the read:

Your husbands and children will die, the army will be stolen thanks to my friends. You must collect those mobilized at your own expense. From March 8th.

Good morning

Nothing unusual, just an employee of the Nizhnevartovsk mayor’s office overloaded himself with alcohol tablets and began shooting people from the balcony, taking his child hostage.

Put forward demands: kill several officials and talk to representatives of the central government by phone

And bills. So that everyone pays their rent on time!

Propaganda that is brainwashed by russians in russia. Part 43

Skabeeva. In Ukraine they will create an army of selected ukrov with an increased level of Russophobia

Well, damn it, and someone believes in it....

Does Korchevnikov have a seasonal exacerbation or is he always like this?

It seems Chicherina and Okhlobystin shared it with him. Although he has been like this for a long time.

A schoolgirl in Crimea was forced to apologize on camera for a post in support of Ukraine

A Crimean woman wrote on Instagram that supposedly ATB stores will soon open in Sevastopol and “we’ll soon be back home”

But she told the truth - soon Crimea will be Ukrainian again

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