A vinaigrette of historical footage from past years. Issue 144

Funny photos, interesting events and people who made history - all this is in the new selection.

Two men riding in a three-wheeled Messerschmitt, 1954

The Messerschmitt company is known for producing fighters and bombers for the Nazi German air force, but after the end of the war they were banned from making military products. Then the company began making funny three-wheeled cars.

A model in sable underwear represents the Soviet LADA car at an exhibition in New York, 1973

The cars at the exhibition were represented by the Satra corporation, at one time it was the largest exporter of the Soviet automobile industry abroad. To attract more attention to the cars, such an unusual performance with girls was invented.

A model wearing a Jacques Fath ensemble poses next to a 1947 Delahaye in Paris

Work on a model of the GAZ-21 "Volga" car

Gorky Automobile Plant. One of the first stages of working on the exterior of a car — creation of a full-size model, 1953. One of the most iconic passenger cars in the history of the Soviet automobile industry, the first-born of the Volga series. Development took place in 1952-1956, production of commercial vehicles started at the end of 1956. In total, there were 4 series of GAZ-21, of which 3 were mass-produced.

A man changes tires on a 1927 Ford Model T Coupe

It was one of the first moderately priced cars aimed at middle-class Americans. USA, 1920s.

French experimental car Peugeot 402 Andreau, 1936

The body had a characteristic detail - a “fin” in the rear of the body, which, according to calculations, improved the car’s handling at high speeds. Thanks to the "fin" it was possible to reduce fuel consumption by 30%.

VAZ–2101 at the British International Motor Show, Great Britain, 1980

On display at this exhibition is a VAZ-21023 (1973-1985) with a 1452 cc engine. see also Lada 1500 Combi (1500 DL Estate). The export model had a rear everyman/wiper. In the USSR, these cars were produced under license and technology from the Italian Fiat. And such productions were all over the world, and not just at VAZ.

Multi-level parking Marina Towers. Chicago, 1963

Legendary English engineer Walter Owen Bentley on his 1927 Bentley

Now this car costs much more than a modern very expensive Bentley.

Three friends enjoying a ride in their new car, Ohio, circa 1924

Convair Model 118 – hybrid aircraft and car, 1947

The auto part was independent: when the plane landed, it was disconnected and turned into an ordinary car. Cruising speed in flight: 201 km/h.

Presentation of the Rytecraft Scoota-Car in London, April 2, 1936

The funny car captured in the photo next to the “adult” car is not at all a pedal car for children, as one might think, but a full-fledged mass-produced car. Rytecraft Scootacar, produced in England from 1934 to 1940. Initially it was an electric attraction car, but in 1934 a certain Jack Shillan installed a gasoline engine on it and sold it as a full-fledged car. In total, about 1000 copies were produced. Including cargo options.

Amphibious vehicles in the English Channel, 1965. This is a German Amphicar. Mercedes body, Porsche 395 engine

Schlörwagen: fancy super-aerodynamic car, 1939

If you inflate it, it will look like a UAZ "Loaf".

Clogged parking lots in Chicago, 1939

A family in a Fiat 500 goes on summer vacation, Italy, 1967

U.S. Post Office Half-Tracker, 1940s

On the way to the workshop. State of Oklahoma. USA, 1939

Weekend with the legendary Volkswagen T1 Camper van, 1970s

The minibus was produced between 1950 and 1967, one of the first civilian minivans. The image of this truck has become synonymous with the hippie movement and travelers around the world.

The very first Audi car model, 1910

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