A vinaigrette of historical footage from past years. Issue 133

Funny photos, interesting events and people who made history - all this is in the new selection.

A photographer is looking for something interesting to photograph, 1976, USA.

Elizabeth Taylor, 1952

80-year-old cannibal Tom - the last cannibal of the island of Fiji, 1905.

Shell carrier. Nigerian Civil War, 1968.

Jayne Mansfield. She was one of the sex symbols of the 1950s.

«Μisc Mira-1961» Rosemary Frankland, Great Britain, 18 years old.

The Playboy Girls greet Hugh Hefner as his private jet lands in London, 1970.

Picnic on the highway during the gasoline crisis. Kingdom of the Netherlands. November 4, 1973.

Prisoner of a French prison. The tattoo in the form of a mustache was tattooed as a sign of protest against the administration. France, 1900s.

English armored cars Lanchester Mk. II, disguised as elephants. India, 1941.

Raquel Welch - American sex symbol of the 70s.

Great Alaska earthquake — strongest earthquake in US history. Alaska, March 28, 1964.

The first black model Helen Williams, 1950s, Cannes.

Lost property storage room at the police station, Paris, 1954

An NYPD shooter tests bulletproof glass for strength, 1931.

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