A vinaigrette of historical footage from past years. Issue 134

Funny photos, interesting events and people who made history - all this is in the new selection.

A pearl fisherman on the Mississippi prepares for another “descent” to the bottom, 1938. Use an old car fuel tank as a helmet. In such a device he could dive to a depth of 21 meters.

A wave in a storm covering a lighthouse off the coast of France, 1980s

Indignant Claudia Cardinale, 1960s.

Testing the strength of the DKW F8 wooden body. There are at least 28 people standing on a moving car. Germany, 1939.

FA Cup Final "Cardiff City" - "Arsenal", April 23, 1927. Police officers at Wembley literally making their way over the heads of fans to their official places.

The stranded ship of the British Antarctic expedition led by Ernest Shackleton, HMS Endurance, 1915.

New three-point seat belt developed by Volvo. Sweden. 1959

Welder at the Grumman plant, USA, 1979.

Two Lumberjacks and a Big Tree, Pacific Northwest, 1915.

Competition for the most elegant cigarette smoking, Paris, 1935

An unusual place for strollers in the front of the bus. New Zealand, 1950.

Brigitte Bardot on set, 1954.

Chelyabinsk, 1913.

Telephone lines of New York. USA, 1903

Great Dane cruising through Hollywood, California, 1961.

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