Vratna Gate - the largest natural bridges in Europe (12 photos + 1 video)

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17 June 2024

These natural stone bridges are the largest on the continent.

In the mountainous regions of eastern Serbia, in the Vratna River gorge, hides an unusual natural phenomenon. Stone arch gates or Vratna Gates are the largest natural stone bridges in Europe. Three giant rocks hang over the winding Vratnaya River and dense forest, creating a spectacle that is mesmerizing in its fundamental nature.

Two stone bridges represent the remains of a former cave tunnel through which the Vratna River once flowed, and the third was formed as a result of the gradual descent of the river.

The Small and Large gates are located at the entrance to the gorge, not far from the Vratna monastery, which called them the Monastery Gate.

The Small Gate is 15 meters long and over 34 meters high, and the Big Gate is 45 meters long and 26 meters high. The last stone bridge - Dry Gate - is located deeper in the river gorge. He is the “youngest” and the most difficult to reach. It got its name due to the fact that under the gate the river disappears - it descends underground.

The Vratna River Canyon boasts a variety of flora and fauna. A huge number of plants grow here, countless species of birds live, many bats, otters, badgers, mouflons, deer and other animals.

Locals claim that the gap between the first pair of gates is a unique acoustic zone. Special concerts were even held here. But due to difficult accessibility and the ownership of the passage territory by the monastery, it became problematic for musical groups with instruments and equipment to get here.

But the majestic unique beauty of this phenomenon, in general, does not require additional framing and looks and “sounds” fascinating on its own.

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