A real giant, but afraid of everything: what the tallest dog in the world looks like (3 photos)

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17 June 2024

The pet's owner says that the dog grew up very quickly and all family members were sure that he would become a record holder.

Three-year-old dog Kevin is officially recognized as the tallest dog in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records - his height is 96 cm. The pet lives with his family, Tracy, Roger, Alexander and Evie Wolfe, in the town of West Des Moines (Iowa, USA) .

The Wolf family didn't plan on getting another Great Dane after the death of one of their previous pets, but one day a friend told them he was giving away puppies, and they couldn't resist.

The future giant was named after the main character of the Christmas comedy Home Alone, where, according to the plot, eight-year-old Kevin successfully defends his home from annoying robbers.

The giant's owner, Tracy, says that the dog grew very quickly and all family members were sure that he would become a record holder.

Kevin now lives in a large flock with three other dogs and four cats, as well as chickens, goats and horses.

"Big Kev" sometimes makes the other pups nervous because of his amazing size, but he tries to be sweet and gentle with them, even crouching down to get down to their level.

The whole family adores the record holder, but 12-year-old Alexander has a particularly strong bond with him, Tracy said.

"They were friends from the very beginning! They spent many evenings together on the sofa," Ms. Wolfe laughs.

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