In Vietnam they hold a holiday in honor of their ex (4 photos)

13 June 2024

Hau Vai, in a Vietnamese region near the Chinese border, has one of the most unusual holidays. On this day, it is legal to spend the whole day with your ex-lover or lover!

When your ex has changed a lot during 10 years of separation and you bite your elbows

How did people even think of this?

According to an old legend, a girl and a boy from different backgrounds fell in love with each other. But the residents of her village did not want to give the beautiful Jiai to someone else’s family, and a real war began between the villages.

After many relatives on both sides were killed, the boy and girl could no longer bear it. They announced that they were breaking up and there was no more reason to fight, everyone would live in their own place.

Women prepare snacks for festival tray, pack in leaves

But they loved each other, so they secretly agreed to see each other once a year - on the 27th of the third lunar month.

Still exes, but the meaning is the same

The story is very tragic because they broke up, even though they loved each other. But the holiday itself has changed over the years, because often we break up not because our relatives forced us, but because it turned out that we were not suitable for each other.

That’s why people don’t feel sad on this holiday, but have a lot of fun and laugh. On the 27th, carousels and food trays are brought to the village, and cockfights are held.

Colorful dances at the festival in honor of exes! They never danced at a wedding like they did here!

For girls, this is an occasion to wear colorful traditional outfits and dance.

- Is this your ex? Mine will be better

Many people come here with their entire families to meet their ex. Chat, treat your ex to a bowl of soup.

You can meet the whole family with all your exes at once, or you can split up and spend an hour alone on nostalgic memories. The holiday should be in your home village, of course, everyone who experienced their first love in it comes there.

It is logical that only those who are confident in their relationship and will not be jealous go there. If the husband goes to the festival of his exes without his wife’s permission, clearly wanting to see his past love more than to upset his current one, there will be trouble in the Vietnamese family.

Imagine, your first love, years later, returns to the same village where you played together, on that very day. What drama!

Would you go to such a holiday if everyone came to it too?

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