Famous roles for which actors were ashamed (11 photos)

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27 May 2024

Many believe that Christian Bale is the best Batman that has ever appeared on cinema screens. It’s not a sin to be proud of such praise! But... the British actor, as it turned out, was extremely dissatisfied with himself. According to him, he failed in his task. And when Heath Ledger appeared, Christian completely swam. Let's look at some other famous roles that talented actors and actresses were ashamed of. So they certainly cannot be blamed for increased “HRV”. They are their own harshest critics.

Christian Bale - "The Dark Knight"

To the surprise of fans, Bale doesn't consider his performance in The Dark Knight to be top-notch:

I didn't get what I hoped for throughout the trilogy. I didn't quite cope with the task. Heath appeared and completely ruined all my plans. He is much more interesting than me and what I do.

Rosamund Pike - "Doom"

Rosemund Pike believes that one of the reasons for the failure of the film "Doom" was her acting:

I feel kind of guilty because I think I didn't fully understand what Doom meant to the fans at the time just out of ignorance. I wasn't a gamer. If I had known what I know now, I would have dived into all of this right away.

Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Radcliffe has repeatedly thanked the creators of the Harry Potter film universe for the opportunity to start an acting career, but the celebrity notes that he was not good enough in all the films in the franchise:

I have a hard time watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince because I'm not very good at it. I just hate him.

Megan Fox - "Transformers"

Who would have thought that Megan Fox would be disappointed with her acting in Transformers. The actress herself noted the following:

This is my first big film and it's so unrealistic. The blockbuster itself is not bad, but my acting leaves much to be desired.

Will Smith - Men in Black 2 or Men in Black 3

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith said:

I didn't like the Men in Black sequel.

The actor did not specify which film he, in his words, “failed.” It is quite possible that he is dissatisfied with the picture itself, and not with his acting.

Christina Ritchie - "Casper"

In 2022, on Marc Maron's podcast, Christina Ritchie commented on her role in Casper:

If you've seen Casper, I'm terrible at it. People get so upset when I say this.

Ryan Reynolds - "Green Lantern"

The actor considers his filming in the film a mistake. He stated that he felt horror when he first saw the picture, and also added:

The feeling I had was not something I wanted to experience again. I spent the next years simply getting involved in as many projects as possible, it was the only way to overcome this feeling.

Jennifer Lawrence - "Passengers"

Jennifer Lawrence said that Adele warned her against filming the film:

She said, “I feel like space movies are the new vampire movies.” I should have listened to her.

Katherine Heigl - "Grey's Anatomy"

In 2008, Katherine did not come to the Emmy Awards. Spectators and journalists regarded this gesture as disrespect on the part of the performer. However, Heigl gave an explanation for her action:

I took this position because I was sure that the season was not a success. And the main reason for the failure is my game.

Eddie Redmayne - "Jupiter Ascending"

Eddie Redmayne criticizes his performance in the Wachowski film. In one of the interviews, the actor says:

I made a very bold choice - which I thought was the right one. I received a Golden Raspberry for this. So yes, from my point of view it was a pretty bad result.

Chris Hemsworth - Thor: The Dark World

The actor is disappointed with his performance in Thor 2, because, according to him, he was bored with the Marvel hero. He also added:

I'm a little disappointed with what I did. I don't think I developed the character in any way or that I showed the audience something unexpected and different.

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