Scarlett Johansson accused OpenAI of imitating her voice (6 photos)

24 May 2024

Scarlett Johansson said she was "forced to take legal action" against artificial intelligence developer OpenAI. The actress is outraged that the company is using an imitation of her voice for a neural network.

Scarlett Johansson said that OpenAI (an organization involved in developments in the field of artificial intelligence) used a voice “eerily similar” to her in its chatbot ChatGPT, without her permission. Because of this, the actress was forced to go to court. Amid the controversy, OpenAI said it had suspended the use of that same voice.

In 2023, the popular chatbot ChatGPT launched a “voice mode” feature, a tool that can read text out loud in different voices. One of the voices is called "Sky", and Scarlett claims that it is incredibly similar to her own. The actress also claimed that she previously received an offer from OpenAI CEO Sam Altman to use her real voice on ChatGPT, but turned it down "for personal reasons." She was outraged to learn that the neural network was imitating her voice.

According to the actress, two days before the release of the new ChatGPT demo, Altman again contacted her agent and asked if she wanted to “reconsider” her decision. After this, Scarlett decided to go to court. She said she wants full transparency in matters of individual rights.

"At a time when we are all faced with the issue of counterfeiting, protecting our uniqueness, activities and identities, I believe such issues deserve complete clarity. I look forward to the court's decision, full transparency and the adoption of appropriate legislation that will ensure the protection of individual rights," - said the actress.

In response, OpenAI publicly acknowledged the controversy over Sky's vote. This week the company suspended its use in the chatbot while the issue was resolved.

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