Lynx caught a rattlesnake for lunch

23 May 2024

A cat with unusual prey was captured by a camera trap

In the National Wildlife Refuge (Arizona, USA), a camera trap recorded how a lynx caught a rattlesnake for lunch. Experts placed the camera in an extremely favorable location - it completely filmed the hunt of a small brush-eared cat on a large poisonous reptile. The whole fight looked almost playful - the lynx jumped away from each attack of the snake in time, and itself tried to hit it with a quick blow of its clawed paw.

In the end, the huntress managed to close her jaws on the base of the scaly enemy's head and crush him with her paw. So the lynx held the reptile until its flexible body went limp. Afterwards, as if celebrating the victory over her opponent, the predator began to roll on the ground at the site of the fight. Then she grabbed the snake in her teeth and, walking proudly, dragged it further along the hillside.

Specialists from the US Department of Fish and Wildlife clarified that lynxes sometimes include rattlesnakes in their diet, despite the fact that their diet usually consists of rabbits and hares. According to them, instincts and quick reactions allow these predators to hunt venomous reptiles without much risk.

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