An American woman came home and saw a lynx on a dog bed (4 photos)

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14 March 2023

Guests are different - sometimes uninvited. Resident the American state of Arizona, for example, went home and saw a wild lynx. She calmly rested in a dog bed, as at home.

A resident of the US state of Arizona came home, and found a lynx resting in a dog bed in the middle of the living room. Such She did not expect to see guests. The woman immediately contacted the local Department of the hunting economy, which is engaged in rescue animals. While she was waiting for rescuers, she managed to make a couple lynx photos.

Before the rescuers arrived, the lynx managed to escape from Houses. Nobody was hurt that day. The mistress of the house suggested that the lynx could get into the house through a small open dog door. Then the predator decided to rest on a dog bed among the toys.

After the incident, the Department of Hunting published the news and warned local residents that in such situations do not need to act on their own - it is better to find shelter and promptly contact the experts.

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