The wild story of an eternally pregnant athlete (15 photos)

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16 May 2024

We are probably all familiar with married couples who have been unable to conceive/bear a child for years. They resort to all possible methods: from vitamins to IVF. They save money, prepare, lead a healthy lifestyle and nothing...

And, as if to mock such families, there are women in the category, as they say, “put your pants next to each other and she’s already pregnant.” Most often, they just don’t really need children. This is exactly what happened to young Australian Kelly Lane. The story is long, but very exciting. All that remains is to envy the horse’s health and the clear mind of this woman.

Robert and Sandra Lane

Kelly was born in 1975 into a family that loved sports. Her father was Robert, who, after a sports career, began working in the police, and her mother Sandra worked in a medical institution and at the same time was a water polo coach. Kelly had a brother named Morgan, and the family themselves were quite wealthy and lived in a good area of ​​the suburbs of Sydney.

In short, everything is successful and safe.

The girl studied well in high school, and after graduation she entered the University of Newcastle and at the same time also entered the College of Physical Education, where she began to build her own sports career. She began working as a physical education coach at a girls' high school. Kelly was a completely ordinary young girl, dreamy, loving, like everyone else, to have fun at parties. But she always put her sports career first.

Her mother's genes played to her advantage and she became a very talented water polo player and this brought her fame in the city. The parents, of course, were proud of their baby, who, so to speak, did not diminish the prestige of the family. The Lanes tried to take part in all social events, especially those related to sports. Sandra not only trained her daughter, she became her manager, and later handed her over to a more experienced coach. Kelly had a very busy schedule, starting from five in the morning until late at night.

Kelly on the right

Despite her busy schedule, Kelly couldn’t resist going to parties from time to time. By nature, she had an attractive appearance that did not require makeup, a cheerful character and sociability. Kelly had admirers back in school, but her busy schedule simply did not allow her to build any serious relationships.

In 1992, she finally started dating a guy named Aron. They had a lot in common, the couple loved spending time in each other's company, and by the time Kelly became pregnant, they had already been together for quite a long time. The girl was responsible, took contraceptives, however, as you know, they do not guarantee 100% protection, and it was in this tiny percentage that Kelly was pleased. She was only 17 years old, she was finishing school and definitely did not plan to become a mommy.

Aron supported his girlfriend's decision to terminate her pregnancy. They kept everything that happened in the strictest secrecy so that their parents would never find out. Kelly terminated her pregnancy.

In early 1994, Kelly's relationship with Aron was over, as they simply grew out of each other and constantly fought.

At the age of 19, Kelly began a relationship with an older man. And... She gets pregnant again. And again when using contraceptives. And again she didn't want a child.

The interruption this time turned out to be very traumatic for her, as it was done late and in secret. Kelly knew that neither she nor her lover needed the baby. She went to a clinic in another city to maintain confidentiality, but was turned away due to the late deadline. It was not possible to convince the doctors and the girl had to go to the same clinic where she had her abortion for the first time. She lied to doctors about the timing and circumstances of her pregnancy, and they performed the procedure at 20 weeks.

Kelly and Aaron

It is worth noting that the secrecy deprived Kelly of the support of friends and family. The girl dealt with this nightmare alone. It’s interesting that she trained all these five months and no one noticed her interesting position. She did not give herself any concessions, striving to take part in the Olympic Games. Well, constant training allowed her to keep her figure in good shape, plus loose clothes. The second abortion was a very difficult ordeal, but Kelly continued to lead her normal life.

From 1994 to 1998, Kelly was in a relationship with a man named Duncan. The guy was crazy about Kelly, he wanted to marry her and despite the fact that they were both athletes, they were not averse to attending parties. But guess what happened? Well, yes, Kelly became pregnant again in 1995. Of course, a child was out of place here, too, but Kelly was afraid to go to the hospital after her previous painful experience. She simply continued to live her normal life, played sports, and did not deny herself some active recreation.

Water polo is a rather physically demanding sport, and Kelly put herself under stress, not sparing herself in any way. And the most amazing thing is that no one even suspected that Kelly was pregnant. By the way, even Duncan himself didn’t notice this. How? Unclear. The team mates also had no idea about the girl’s condition, except that they later recalled that at some point she went out to the pool, wrapped in a towel and throwing it off just before jumping into the water.

No one suspected anything, and Duncan later said that his beloved did not allow him to touch her stomach, and in recent months she simply reduced the number of contacts with him. When Kelly was 7 months old, one of the female athletes swam past her underwater and noticed her protruding belly. She immediately informed the coach about everything, but Kelly categorically denied the fact of pregnancy. The small size of the tummy helped, and who in their right mind would hide their position for so long? Kelly resisted to the last, because her sports career was at stake.

Kelly was just two days shy of her 20th birthday when she competed in a regional water polo match. After the match, she became ill and the girl was urgently taken to the hospital, where she gave birth to a girl. Kelly suffered from painful contractions, apparently even during the match, but continued to play.

At the hospital, she immediately abandoned the girl and she was later adopted. She had to stay in the hospital for some time to breastfeed her newborn. Kelly told her loved ones that she just decided to hang out with friends. No one suspected anything and Kelly was able to calmly complete everything she had planned.

On her birthday, the athlete ran away from the hospital because she was in labor, but having a drink on the occasion is sacred. After returning from the party, the unlucky mother was officially discharged from the medical institution, and the child began to live with foster parents.

Kelly took a job at a private school while continuing her athletic career. She represented Australia at the World Championships in Canada and performed well there, receiving a silver medal.

But Kelly somehow didn’t dare think about some safer method of contraception. It was obvious to assume that her method wouldn't work, but...

Kelly became pregnant at 21. Again from Duncan, with whom she was still in a relationship. It is noteworthy that he was still madly in love with her and was seriously planning a wedding, but Kelly again decided to hide her delicate situation from everyone. As in previous times, her belly was practically invisible, and mommy herself continued to live as she lived, including fun parties with friends, sports and sometimes drinking. But a suburb is a suburb, people are in full view and Kelly found ill-wishers who began to suspect something was wrong. Rumors began to fly, pointing to the fact that Kelly periodically changes her clothing style to baggy and wraps herself in a towel at the pool.

At the same time, Kelly’s inner circle did not directly see the existing problem, unlike other people. And Kelly always denied all suspicions so categorically that no one dared to argue with her.

In the spring of 1996, relations with Duncan began to come apart at the seams, because during this period the young man moved to another area, where he bought a house for himself. He moved away from the girl, and a little later it turned out that he actually cheated on her with another athlete. Kelly somehow reacted quite calmly to the guy’s betrayal and even forgave him.

In September 1996, Kelly warned her family that she would go to see friends for the weekend, and she went to give birth. She gave birth in the same hospital where she was born, arguing that the maternity hospital was far from home, which means the chance of running into friends was minimal. For the first time in the history of her pregnancies, she gave her real name and date of birth. It is possible that she may have wanted to leave her daughter. But she gave the wrong address and phone number, because in those years it was quite easy to hide information about yourself. Residents of Australia could always count on free and anonymous help. Today, everything that happened to Kelly would have been revealed much earlier, thanks to common databases.

Kelly a month before Ten was born

The baby, unlike Kelly’s previous children, was even able to establish a connection with her mother - she willingly spent time with her, breastfed Ten, bathed her and consulted with doctors about motherhood. And she didn’t give up on the baby.

But at the same time, she failed one of the mandatory tests carried out in Australia: taking blood from the baby’s heel for screening. Also, due to the rush, little Ten was not given a DNA test to confirm motherhood and paternity in the future. Kelly and the child were quickly discharged due to a lack of beds in the hospital. Ten was never seen again. They left between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., and at 3 p.m. Kelly arrived at her parents’ house, but alone.

That same evening, she crossed paths with her boyfriend and went to have fun at a relatives’ wedding, which was attended by her whole family. Kelly behaved as normally as possible and no one would have even imagined that she gave birth to a daughter a couple of days ago. Which no one was looking for, because only Kelly and the doctors knew about her existence, but the latter simply did not track her further fate. Information about Ten remained secret until the end of 1998, when... Kelly became pregnant again. Yes, as much as possible, you will say, and you will be absolutely right.

Kelly and Patrick - her teenage love

She broke up with Duncan even before she found out about her situation and now, as before, she was not going to tell anyone. In early February 1999, Kelly went to a newly opened clinic in Queensland, but doctors turned her away because she was already 25 weeks along. Other clinics, of course, also refused her. Termination of pregnancy can be done at will up to 12 weeks, and for special indications - up to 22 weeks. What should I do? To follow a familiar path - to give birth in secret. But the laws at that time began to change and the confidentiality of the issue became more difficult. This time a social worker spoke with Kelly, trying to find out why she had no documents. The girl lied that this was her first birth and gave her real name, but the wrong information about her place of residence.

The work of social workers, due to false data, became complicated when it became clear that this was not her first birth and that they did not have the information to begin the adoption process. In fact, legally nothing could be done with the baby because the adoption process in Australia had undergone significant changes. Kelly didn't think about it. She didn't seem to think much at all...

A total background check of the child's biological mother has begun. Lies and inconsistencies began to emerge. Kelly's strange addresses, strange life and motherhood were so contradictory that government agencies finally paid attention to Lane. And where, after all, is Ten, whom she gave birth to several years ago. But after discharge there was zero information about the child.

No trips to the doctors, no tests, nothing. Nothing for three years. And the mother is generally in deep denial that she ever gave birth.

Social services contacted Kelly's mother and Sandra said with absolute confidence that she did not have a single grandson or granddaughter. The police and social services began to dig further, while Kelly, by the way, calmly continued to live her life and did not even know that law enforcement officers were on the verge of discovering her secrets.

She lived so calmly that in 2000, in order to somehow remember her 25th birthday, she decided to get pregnant again. At this point she decided to leave the child and even told her boyfriend about her situation. Here, apparently, the point was that she was already getting older and stopped actively participating in competitions. The image of a coach and a decent mother of the family was very useful for Kelly.

The investigation was gaining momentum and detectives had already contacted Kelly to clarify questions about her previous pregnancies. Kelly admitted to her five pregnancies, and about baby Ten she said that she had a secret and brief relationship with her lover, who happily agreed to accept their child and raise him alone.

The name was given incorrectly, but police time was spent searching for “Andrew Morris,” to whom Kelly allegedly gave the child. Then it turned out that Kelly was “confused” and his last name was “Norris”. But the police were unable to find him either. More precisely, the man was found and Kelly had a short-term relationship with him a couple of years before Ten was born, but he was younger than the age stated by the grief-mother and he did not have any children. Kelly nonchalantly said that she somehow didn’t remember her “father’s” name very well. The investigation had reached a dead end; Kelly's lies were obvious. Kelly, in fact, had nothing to show for it, and she, by the way, was only worried about her reputation and even said that she saw Ten in mid-1997. But no one could confirm this.

Over time, Duncan was called in for questioning, who was dumbfounded and stated that he had not noticed any pregnancies in Kelly at all. And only after the stated information did he finally connect Kelly’s demand not to touch her stomach and her periodic reluctance to see each other. Then he simply did not pay attention to it. He was not the biological father of either the first or third child. The police did not have Ten's DNA and it was impossible to find out whether Duncan was her father. In general, it was difficult to prove the existence of the baby, because their data was incomplete, which baffled the police. While the police were struggling with the mystery of Ten's disappearance, Kelly continued to live and not worry about anything. And rumors spread throughout the city. Stories that the water polo coach had abortions several times and gave birth to children she didn’t need did not help Kelly’s career or reputation. She finally gave birth to a girl, whom she had already introduced to all her relatives, and in 2004 she married her daughter’s father.

All of Kelly's appeals were rejected

Meanwhile, the investigation was underway and Lane was offered a deal to plead guilty to the murder of a child. Kelly refused. The detectives already understood that Ten was most likely dead.

On September 14, 1996, Kelly Lane left the clinic and took care of the child's case within a couple of hours, for the benefit of her reputation and career. Then I went to have fun at the wedding.

At the trial, the woman denied all the charges, and her first boyfriend, who acted as a witness, claimed that he would never believe that Kelly was capable of killing a child. By the way, she divorced her husband and resumed her relationship with him. I didn't get lost for a minute....

Psychiatrists claimed that Leigh was a narcissistic person who played the victim well. The trial lasted 4 months in 2010 and, in the end, the jury, despite a rather flimsy evidence base, found Kelly guilty. But in lies under oath.

The trial resumed in April 2011 and Kelly was now found guilty of murdering her own daughter.

She was sentenced to 18 years in prison with the right to parole. During the entire process, Lane did not show any emotions at all, which did not work in her favor.

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