A couple turned an old grain silo into a cozy home (10 photos + 1 video)

16 May 2024

Bob and Carol Ann Campbell from Derbyshire, UK, bought a grain silo for £1 and converted it into a compact home.

After pouring their hearts and £4,000 into the project, the couple have been living in the tiny house for almost six years.

“I thought a couple of weeks would be enough, we’d get bored, but we’ve been living here for about five and a half years,” Bob shared.

Carol Ann said she "didn't really want to" renovate at first, but "it was meant to be."

She added: "It's been a great five years of outdoor living."

Bob Campbell bought a silo for just £1 on eBay and then converted it

The couple also landscaped the yard with an artificial pond and landscaping.

Initially, the silo was supposed to be a work of art, but over time it turned into a “miniature house”.

Its height is about four meters and its diameter is four meters.

The interior is filled with many items that the man made with his own hands

"It's tiny," says Bob, who made his own fireplace from an old gas cylinder and a dining table from a saw blade.

Dinner Zone

Recycled plastic was used as insulation.

The kitchen has everything you need: oven, stove, kettle and sink, as well as many shelves for spices.

The bed is located on the top floor, accessible by stairs

Carol Ann and Bob turned a silo into a cozy and budget-friendly home

The bed is located on the second floor, accessible by a folding staircase.

In the tiny space there was also room for a bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink.

All necessary amenities fit in the bathroom

The kitchen has a hob, oven, sink

Bob during silo assembly

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